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Australian Visas – effects of Corona
Virus on Visa Processing time

Since the effects of corona virus hits almost every industry globally, Australia, being the third most popular country for international visa holders (students and immigrants) is influenced by this pandemic too. Especially the  Visa processing time for offshore visa holders has changed. The Department of Home Affairs updates the suggestive timeframe for visa processing times monthly, except the few subclasses. Due to the COVID-19 few of the subclasses are closed for new entrants, also the influx of applications and quality of applications are the reasons.


However, due to the present situation and rumors about visa processing delays, the representative of DHA has shed light on the issue and said that the delay in visa processing time is obvious in such a situation and cannot be prevented.  

Besides the unavailability of evaluation amenities, the processing time varies on to the factors like

  • Complete applications with mandatory supporting documents, 
  • Respond to the information requests, 
  • Verifiable sources included in your application, 
  • Time to receive requested information from eternal sources, 
  • Availability of places for permanent migration


Subclasses affected 

The student visas, partner visas, and skilled nominated visas are seriously affected. 

Student visa

Due to the travel restrictions international students are already at loss they are stuck outside the country, universities are making strategies for online courses to adjust the losses for both onshore and offshore students, but so far no fruitful results are evident.


Future students who are in the process of course selection and visa application, are just relying on the decision of DHA and if they get a positive decision, they even cannot travel to Australia unless the traveling is allowed in the country.


Moreover, the different Australian migration agents including Imran Ali and Rumina Iqbal outlook the COVID-19 impacts and revealed that the current offshore applications are almost inoperative and the DHA is not accommodating international offshore applicants further.


Hence Vision Consultants Australia strongly recommends offshore students to wait until the traveling ban is lifted, lest you will just be stumped in the process of paying the fee and then deferring your admission. 

On the other hand, waiting for the traveling ban to be uplifted, can be helpful further because there is a likelihood of a further set of adjustments in the course dates 


Partner Visa 

The Department of Home Affairs disclosed that the global waiting times for Partner visas can be extended to two years. This is hindering for Australians married to non-natives. Unless the countries succeed in the fight against this pandemic, there seems no chance of expediting the visa processing time.

In addition to that, the global waiting time for 309 visa subclass was already very long, and after this pandemic, it is expected to be more extended to several months, that has made the efforts of immigrants more stressful and in vain and there is nothing applicants could do about it despite waiting for so long and fulfilling every requirement. Here the time and money both are precious and applicants (offshore) are losing both at the same time.

Even if they had a chance earlier to apply for tourist visa during application processing time, now they have almost no option because of travel restrictions. In this situation, the Australian citizens married to any outsiders or have partners will walk on the track alone for an unexpected time frame to get back together and live a normal life.

While addressing the federal government, Labor MP Julian Hill said that almost 100,000 partner visa applications will be accumulated depending on the demands, the measure of their intentions and integrity, and genuine applications. She further added that Australians have a fair right to choose and marry overseas comers, and call them to Australia to be husband or wife or de-facto partners.


Skilled nominated visa

Just like partner and student visa, the skilled nominated visas are also facing the drawbacks of COVID-19 isolations.

The number of invitations for 189 (skilled independent) visa subclass has also drastically decreased due to COVID-19 effects, from 1,750 to only 50 just in a month.

Moreover, the 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visas are also currently limited to the number of invites for both onshore and offshore applicants.

The federal government has aligned the numbers of invites according to their policy and they are inclined more to revive Australian workers to strengthen their economy. Besides any measures taken by state or federal government, to support the community, the government has already pointed to the fall in skilled migration which is 30% in 2020 and going to be 85% next year.


However, the MP Mr. David Coleman said that skilled workers relating to the critical occupations in need (like aged care or Nursing or services required in the peculiar condition) will have a chance to travel to the country during this traveling ban.

In this time, the Australian government has taken serious measures to control the situation and is achieving far better results. However, our sense of responsibility has so much to get rid of this situation, maintain social distancing of at least 1.5 meters, be safe, and keep others safe.

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Vision Consultants Australia is dedicated to providing you swift visa services in this difficult time, our team is committed to updating you about the latest happenings in the study abroad and migration sector and situations impacted by novel Coronavirus 

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