The training visa (subclass 407) is designed to help applicants to stay in Australia, whereby they can attain professional experience and/or occupational expertise for a time duration of two years. Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia, ensures a smooth sailing for applicants under this category. We provide services and consultation services with the motto of acquiring this visa for the benefit of professional career of our clients.  Our team of experts from across the world, who are skilled in this field and guide through the procedure, ensure that this visa is attained in a hassle free and better manner. It is ensured by us that the visa grant notification letter is issued to our clients at earliest possible.

There are many problem areas in attainment of training visa such as clarification of health assessments and clearance of police certificates, all of which are guided by our migration experts. We deal in three types of training visa subclasses, namely:

  • Workplace-based training visa to acquire registration or licensing

If you wish to start a new occupation in Australia and want to attain license or registration for it, then Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia, being cognizant of legal obligations, will help you to attain this visa category.

  • Structured Workplace-based training visa to improve skills

This occupational visa is for those applicants who are sponsored by a sponsor in Australia. If you are sponsored by an employer and wish to attain a skilled training for an occupation from amongst the eligible skilled occupations, then a consultation session with Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia is a must for you. The documentation required to show for such sponsorship and the necessary steps to attain this visa will be guided throughout by our migration professionals. Applicants are normally sponsored by an employer and we ensure to collaborate with your employer so that your processing becomes fast and easy. This is because we are aware of the legal obligations and details of sponsors.

  • Skill and competency enhancement training visa:

The skill and competency enhancement visa is further classified into following subcategory visas, which are provided by Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia


Since Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia is a common name amongst the students, hence students who aspire to revise their professional trajectory, through professional training can avail visa services from Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia, who help in provision of this visa category.


If you are sponsored by Australian government or any government agency, this visa can be availed by you. All legal obligations and requirements are provided and supported by our team, who guide in meeting the requirements.


Professional development is the most important visa niche that our company deals with. We help to attain visa under this category by which professional development of our clients is ensured.


It is the sole responsibility of Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia to ensure that our clients are well aware of the requirements before they apply for this visa through our guidance. We ensure that our applicants meet the following prerequisites:

    • Not be below 18 years of age


    • Get sponsorship from an occupational sponsor


    • Can be sponsored from a Commonwealth agency


    • Intend to stay on temporary basis in Australia


  • Fulfill health, English and occupational requirements


Our specialty lies in the fact that we ensure to secure visas through the following benefits:

    • We assist both onshore and offshore applicants for this visa processing


    • We make arrangements for applicant’s travelling to and from during his stay in Australia


    • We provide consultation on matters of bringing family members, spouse and dependents to Australia (in case applicable)


  • We ensure regarding our applicant’s career progression through frequent updates and quality assurance.