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Visa Cancellation & Refusals

We Will Take Care Of Your Visa Cancellation & Refusals:

Visa Cancellation: The Australian immigration laws are quite precise and they must be taken care of well. While filing the visa applications, all other procedural matters and processes need to be held fast and as these procedures are quite precise, they should be dealt with sensitively. In some cases the visa application can be cancelled or refused by the immigration department due to many reasons and the applicant might not get the grant out rightly be it an existing visa or a visa filed recently.

Any kind of false documentation or misleading information provided by the applicant can result in him/her being banned from entering Australian territories. It can also cause serious legal issues for the applicant therefore it is suggested that no false information be made for the sake of one’s own career.

Visa matters are highly sensitive and keeping that in mind Vision Consultants are there to help and assist you throughout the process till your visa get approved! We have a team of education and migration agents in Australia, who provide you with the updated information of the whole process, your options and then file your case with total care.

Although there are excessive amount of reasons for visa cancellations and refusals but let’s break down a few of them for you: 

  • False or incorrect information/documents provided by you.
  • If you fail to follow certain Visa conditions.
  • Business visa has issues
  • If the applicant’s character has been placed under doubt due to certain circumstances
  • Lack of proper financial documents.
  • Sponsor issues or false documentation by the sponsor. 

Vision Consultants will deal your case accordingly with every minute update and lodge it according to the current visa requirements. Your case will be applied and then submitted for review and appeal according to the limits of the laws. We make sure that our clients do not face any permanent issues from the immigration department so we try with the most constructive ways to take your visa application up to the mark for further appeals.


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