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Student Visa

A student visa allows you to study in Australia and also to stay in Australia for the duration of your said degree program.

Visa Cancellation/Visa Refusal

The Australian immigration laws are pretty much stringent and they must be adhered to. While filing the visa applications

Partner/Spouse visa

This visa allows you to enter or remain in Australia on the basis of your married or de facto relationship with your partner.

How can we help you?

Let us assist you with your visa procedures!
Skilled Migration
This visa is designed for only highly skilled individuals who wish to pursue their jobs in Australia on the basis of their skills.
Visitor Visa (600)
This visa allows you to remain in Australia up to three, six or twelve months. This visa is granted so as to permit applicant(s):
Australian Overseas Student Health Cover is a mandatory requirement for all international students who are aiming to study
The Australian immigration laws are pretty much stringent and they must be adhered to. While filing the visa applications
A Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and workplace experience
Institution in Australia and is Pathway to get your Permanent residency. This visa is divided into two:
Who we are - visionconsultants
Who we are - visionconsultants

Who We Are

Immigration Consultants Melbourne

Vision Consultants – Expert Education visa, immigration consultants and education consultants Melbourne in Australia – are determined to provide the best of the best and unparalleled immigration and education visa consultancy in almost all major cities of Australia including Perth, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne. We have a proven track record in dealing and processing of all major kinds of education consultant Melbourne and immigration visa including partner visatourist visaparent visa476 visa, 189/190 visa, 489 state nomination visas, AAT reviews and appeals, change of course/institute processing, TSS visa to name a few.

So leave your visa matters to us, and you do what you do best because we are here to assist you with your case filings, processing, and information sessions. Whether you require assistance for partner visa, PR visa, student dependent visa australia, change course Australia or AAT reviews and appeals, switch university Melbourne we are at your service!

What are clients said about Vision Consultants : Immigration Consultants & Education Consultants in Australia

What people say

Vision reviws
Best consultancy in Melbourne with experienced staff, Great service 👍 and very helpful. It’s been really wonderful experience with them. I specially thanks Mrs. Rumina who is brilliant at her work!Thank you so much for all your help, support and advice😊I sincerely appreciate your efficiency and professionalism throughout the process.
Highly recommend vision consultants for any kind of migration and education service.
Usman Waris
Had my student visa Extension through Vision Consultants Migration Agent in Melbourne. Staff was super Friendly. Guided me well. Hassle free Visa for me top educational consultant in Melbourne. 5 STAR FOR STAFF MEMBERS.
Hina Khan
Zeerek Review
I have had experience with some educational consultants in Au and the quality of services Vision Consultants provides is on a whole new level. They helped me with my visa process efficiently clearing all the confusion and queries I had for me and my visa got approved in a short time span. I appreciate all the professional support Sharon provided through the whole process. Will recommend these awesome people to anyone anytime. Keep up the good work folks. 5/5
Zeerek Chaudary
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Leads Form Vision Aus

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Immigration Consultants in Melbourne – Registered Immigration Consultants & Immigration Advice

The Australian visa system can be tricky to navigate. You need to have the right advice and guidance in order to be successful with your visa application. Vision Consultants are a team of registered immigration consultants and visa agents Melbourne that makes migration easier.

Need a visa? Vision can help! Call us today at +61 3 9939 0545!

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Vision Aus – Offering Seamless Immigration Melbourne Solutions To Aspiring Applicants

When it concerns selecting the right mentor, guide, or consultant for immigration purposes, primarily in a city like Melbourne; only some names coexist which deserve to be on the top of your wishlist. Vision Consultants are certainly among the best in the industry. Besides, it is one of the leading immigration consultants in Melbourne today. With its dedicated client services, a team of certified experts, and years of industry knowledge, Vision Aus has helped a significant number of applicants to migrate to their desired destinations, such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, and many more.

In addition, we tend to provide confidential and free counselling services to our students with any problem affecting their studies. How do we do that? Like our motto says, “we do not wish to push our ideas on customers; we simply want to make what they want.” Our team of immigration consultants Melbourne offers services that can be requested either through office visits or via social media or electronic platforms. Furthermore, our team keeps themselves updated with any change in immigration laws or policies built by the DIBP. This is to efficiently assist all our applicants, be it students or aspiring individuals.

There’s a strong emphasis on maintaining a pleasant and cordial customer relationship with all the clients.

What Services Do Our Immigration Consultants Melbourne Offer?

Vision Aus consultants offer an array of immigration services to aspiring candidates, which consist of but are not limited to:

  • Offering assessments of clients’ chances of getting approved for a visa. (No immigration representative must ever tell you that you’re guaranteed to be approved for a specific visa for any particular reason, primarily for additional fees.
  • Preparing applicants for interviews with various types of visa officers.
  • Assisting in preparing clients’ immigration paperwork and applications or proofreading them to ensure they are error-free and accurate.
  • Assisting clients in every facet of immigration, comprising appeals, family sponsorship, temporary residency, refugee claims, or student immigration.
  • Immigration  and aat lawyer Melbourne do all of the above, including offering legal advice or acting as legal representation.
  • Irrespective of the type of immigration representation you select, ensure they are honest and willing to offer referrals so you know they are working for you and will provide you with the best chance of success in the entire process.

Our immigration consultant in Melbourne values the trust imposed by clients while upholding a highly client-friendly ambience through the whole process of visa consultation and immigration.

Nationwide Advantage

When you choose Vision Aus to process your immigration application, you will receive unmatched advantages of our professional guidance, experienced expertise network, and dedicated services with global standards.

In today’s modern age, everyone aspires to comprise a luxurious lifestyle in highly ranked countries for offering an extraordinary quality of life. Millions of worldly citizens are applying now to study, work, or settle overseas. If you think you’re capable of thrivingly doing it yourself, there’s no harm. However, a lack of appropriate professional advice and guidance can enhance the potential of the application rejection.

Expert guidance, exhaustive research, and professional consultation can help you put your best foot forward while making the first attempt.

How To Choose The Best Immigration Consultants in Melbourne?

In recent times when there is no dearth of Advisors and when consultancies are mushrooming throughout the entire globe, selecting the best can become even tougher. Here our immigration consultants offer you the decision-making pointers to simplify your tasks. Refer to the rundown for more information:

Focus On The Brand Identity

Word of mouth is the king. The industry brand identity of an immigration consultant will be defined by trust built by seamless client servicing. A positive image is indispensable for standing apart from competitors in the ever-increasing industry competition. Even social media image and presence can provide you with a helping hand initially. However, brand image can assess reliability and cannot be built overnight.

Corporate Identity & Presence

One of the ideal approaches to making decisions is to visit the nearest company offices of your Immigration Consultant Melbourne. A brief visit to its branch can help you assess the working status and compare every claim made by the consultant over social media presence.

Accreditations, License, and Certifications

A leading immigration consultant Melbourne will be associated with acclaimed institutions such as the ICCRC, PIER, British Council for IELTS, NAS FA, and many more. Immigration consultants in Melbourne with an ICCRC membership are reliable for Canadian immigration.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council is the authorised figure that certifies consultants to be dependable for offering immigration-related services.

Services and Solutions

One needs to be concise from the initial point for assessing some parameters for services in IELTS Coaching, Visa and Immigration, Overseas Education, and post-landing services. The success ratio or visa grants is a mirror of their knowledge and potential. By selecting such immigration consultants Melbourne, one can be assured of the competency of immigration consultants in handling unprecedented and challenging scenarios saving your time, valuable money, and efforts, and averting unknown pathways.

Experience Plays a Significant Role.

Do thorough research online and explore specific areas that the consultant claims. When it comes to our experience, it would be ideal if you inquired about what we do and how many years of experience our immigration consultants in Melbourne have.

Consider In-Person Meetings and Conversations.

We often believe what we see and experience instead of what we hear. You cannot make life-changing decisions without having a dialogue with the immigration consultant Melbourne under consideration. It could be immigration Melbourne for studies or work; you must take the initiative to have a conversation with Immigration Advisors and evaluate the manner of explanation, documentation, process details, etc. given below are some points that we make sure are assessed by you before moving ahead:

  • Offering a seamless professional assistance
  • Eligibility verification
  • Exhaustive knowledge of immigration programs
  • Experience in addressing diverse consequences
  • Honest advice on pricing
  • Follow-up calls, regular updates, meetings, clarifying doubts that demonstrate client-loyalty

How Promising is Our Immigration Consultant Melbourne?

If you have been long enough in the industry, looking for ideal immigration consultants Melbourne, you’ll realise that fake promises are highly prevalent. Here, we ensure our experience becomes the focal point in suggesting, recommending, and helping aspiring candidates realise their immigration Melbourne dreams.

It is entirely normal to come up with questions like, has the papered documentation been completed adequately? What’s the processing time for my application? All this depends on the competence of the immigration consultants Melbourne that you have selected. Know that our immigration consultants will make sure timely submission of valid lawful documents, keeping the current policies and laws in mind.

What Makes Vision Aus The Best Immigration Consultant?

Since our inception, we have assisted numerous aspiring candidates in realising their overseas dreams. When it concerns immigration, we assure your unbiased advice and help shortlist nations based on your potential to acquire a visa and build lucrative careers.

As already discussed, expertise and success rate are stepping stones in achieving your dreams. Our immigration consultants Melbourne know how to assess your profile and provide you with the proper guidance. So, if you have been dreaming about studying overseas or simply moving to another nation as a skilled worker, immigration Melbourne services by Vision Aus can be your primary pillar.


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