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Release Letter Advice


Do you want to change your course/institute? We can assist you with your release letter!

If you are currently studying in Australia and are either not happy with your course provider/institute or you wish to change your course then you might need a release letter. Getting an admission in a university can sometimes be easy or getting in a course of your choice but there are a plethora of problems that may arise once you start your course of study at the given institute.

A student may either not like the course or do not wish to pursue that course for future prospects. Also many students come to Australia and then looking at the circumstances around, they change their opinion and decide to pursue another course which has high demand in local market. Another reason for a student can be various untoward factors that can also be sort of disturbance such as health issues, he need to switch one’s course, the issue of maladjustment to a particular city etc.   If you are thinking to switch your course, or your institute, planning to move to another state or want to switch your employment, you can rely on Vision Consultants: Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia for all these services.

We at Vision Consultants take pride in providing the best of the best education and migration services to our clients in getting their release letter and our consultancy has been the viable option for many students in getting their release pertaining to their individual requirements and admission criteria.

Let us also mention for our esteemed clients that though we deal in all kinds of release letters, we specialize in the grant of student release offer letters and also provide our students with all the necessary guidelines to effectively and tactfully deal with their previous institution in the timely release. We can assist you in providing release letter if:

  • A student wishes to change his/her institute within the first six months of study
  • A student wishes to change his/her subject of study for whatever logical reasons
  • Student wants to change his/her city or state
  • Student wishes to gain release letter due to sickness or any other medical constraint
  • Renew student’s visa in case it is about to expire before study duration
  • If a student switches from Masters to Bachelors, a new visa is required. We also assist in gaining that.

If a student has the conditions that are mentioned above, we will be able to deal with their scenario. However, we do not deal in gaining release letters if the student has following issues:

  • Absence of unconditional offer from other university/college
  • Unpaid and unclarified debts or payment issues with previous institute
  • Issues or noncompliance with the immigration policies
  • The student is unable to provide his/her documents including a passport copy and an unconditional offer letter from other institute, then we will not be able to assist with your release letter.


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