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BlogApplying for Australian Partner Visa – Read more to find updated timelines!

The Department of Home Affairs has made its motto to provide relieved and swift processing times for the Australian partner visa so that people can reunite with their partners/spouses as early as possible Dated 19th June 2019, the Australian Immigration Department released the visa processing times for the May 2019 applicants. Pertaining to this, it will be important to note here that although the figures released by the immigration department show the global averages for the first 75% and last 10%, in reality, the applications processed in the month of May 2019 took on average a lot lesser time than those quoted in the first figures. 

Australian partner visa updated timelines

Australian partner visa applications that take considerably longer processing times may be subjected to extra review required and security/documentation checks. These may be caused either due to incomplete paperwork and/or documentation, missing files, incorrect/invalid entries and also the applicant from being certain countries where added security checks need to be done. 

Offshore Visa Processing Times
Visa 300 – Prospective Marriage (Sub-class 300)

In this visa category, 75% of the applications are processed in under 12 months (April was 14 months) On the other hand, 10% of the application may take over 16 months (with April being the 21 months) 

Visa 309 – Partner (Provisional) – Subclass 309

75% of the applications were processed in under 14 months (April was 13 months) 10% of the application took up to 19 months (April was 19 months)

Visa 100 – Partner (Permanent) visa – Subclass 100

75% of the applications were processed in under 18 months (April was 15 months) 10% of the application took up to 26 months (April was 27 months)

Onshore Visa Processing times

Following are the Australian partner visa updated timelines for applicants who were onshore at the time of applying

Visa 820 – Partner Temporary – Subclass 820

75% of the applications were processed in under 23 months (April was 23 months) 10% of the application took up to 27 months (April was 31 months) 

Visa 801 – Partner Permanent – Subclass 801

75% of the applications were processed in under 22 months (April was 19 months) 10% of the application was processed in over 26 months (April was 25 months) P.S: The figures were last updated on 18th June 2019 (for the month ending May 2019)

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