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BlogHas your Australian visa application been rejected ? Top reasons to avoid in future!

August 24, 2019by Vision Consultants

Are you currently applying for an Australian study, visit or temporary work visa or your current visa application has been rejected due to some unfortunate circumstances? Well then there can be a myriad of reasons that can play their part which can also cause your Australian visa application to be refused. Keeping in view the current trends, the Australian Department of Home Affairs is showing strong vigilance and scrutiny while processing visa application and any application that may be found incomplete or misconducting shall be blacklisted. 

It should also be noted that for visa assistance, including information and lodging of the application, many applicants get confused about the lengthy paperwork and other such formalities. The requirements set out by the DIBP have to be met and eligibility requirements have to be passed. 

Below let us discuss few pointers that may be a cause of the visa application rejections and also causing unfortunate circumstances for you!

Misconducting Information:

In the past, if you or your family members have ever be a suspect or committed a criminal offense it would have a profound effect on your visa application. The frequency and the seriousness of the crime is to be gauged by the due authorities. However, many candidates who have been involved in such activities (even if accidentally) hide this completely while lodging their visa application. It should be noted that authorities have a quite strict and thorough way of doing their background check and in one way or another, sooner or later this might become evident, resulting in your application getting rejected. So the best is to do not hide any such information and rrather produce a meaningful personal statement mentioning the circumstances. 

Augmented Documents:

On the other hand, one of Australia visa rejection can be attributed to the fact they either provide fake documents. This is in terms of like when you have no certain experience and education certifications but yet still you produce forged documents; Another reason is to giving embassy incomplete application. This is a total mishap and this situation can altogether be avoided by paying proper attention towards eligibility criteria and going through documents checklist. Make sure that your application documents are complete, attested and in proper order as required. 

Not Meeting Required Documents:

One has to be very careful in meeting all the required documents and meet the standard set guidelines. Producing and submitting said highlighted documents to the embassy at the time of lodging of the application and also making sure that all required documents are there and in complete order is the key to a successful application lodging. Besides the said pointers, the one has to fulfil the English language requirements, health care and character checks and other requirements. 

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