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BlogAustralian Travel restrictions & Exemptions for Temporary visa holders

The outbreak of the current pandemic has created a global isolating condition. Many of the countries especially Europe faced the worst consequences due to the negligence of safety measures. Also Travel Restrictions & Exemptions has been made which cause Temporary Visa holders to be stuck, Nevertheless of such panic and dreadful situations, the Australian government took serious quick steps and hence controlled the situation. The number of affected persons and casualties in Australia is far less than any other country in the world.

The government has put all the social, business, educational, corporate, trade, and other activities on the ice. The orders have been implemented to isolate yourselves at home and traveling activities are also terminated at the border. Although these all measures have worked out, on the contrary, it resulted in a situation of unemployment for international students. At least a million people have lost their jobs while temporary visa holders are at the top list. This year the COVID-19 has affected the global picture and people are helpless to oblige the laws.


Current Situation in Australia

As discussed Australia has taken drastic measures to fight against Corona Virus. The Government has introduced safety measures to restrict the number of cases. Although the government is successful in limiting the number of cases, it is the international students and temporary visa holders who are the worst affected community of the consequences of restraining orders.

Besides losing the jobs, the Temporary visa holders are facing the difficulty to fly their home. Traveling is banned for them, in this situation, there are currently no supporting arrangements made for them. The borders are sealed except for the citizens and permanent residents of Australia with a condition of self-isolation of two weeks. However, it is expected that the government is making a strategy to support temporary visa holders.


Affected international community 

The first affected community is a part-time worker, especially international students. Although they are dependent and must get support from their families, international economic crises have strike everywhere equally. They can neither return to their home nor can earn to live.

On the other side, the skilled workers bearing s48 conditions on their visa and waiting for their nominations (189 skilled independent and 491 skilled work regional) have lost their once in a lifetime chance to lodge visa because of travel restrictions.

Few of the state governments have decided to re-nominate such applicants while the Australian government has introduced a Job Keeper relief package for affected employees and businessmen.


Travel Restrictions – Updates for Temporary visa holders

As of April 2020, there have been some updates on travel restrictions and any exemptions made by the Government. Also, there is no estimated time to be announced to uplift the travel ban. Below are the updates as of date:

  • International visa holders are not allowed to arrive or depart the country unless otherwise exempted.
  • All the Temporary visa holders in the country must have to maintain the legal/lawful status.
  • Critical employees like aged care, Nursing, and Supermarket workers on a student visa are allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight.
  • Similarly, the agriculture industry workers have also been granted special concessions.
  • The critical sector employees (health, aged and disability care, agriculture and food processing, and childcare) on a Working Holiday Visa are allowed to work for more than six months for one employer. Also, they can extend their visa thorough a new special visa.
  • TSS visa holders who had their working hours reduced are also able to maintain their visa status without breaking any visa conditions.
  • Temporary visa holders can support themselves by availing their superannuation funds up to $10,000
  • The Visitors and other temporary visa holders who cannot support themselves will have to return to their country because of limited financial assistance.


The Exemptions for traveling

There are few exemptions made for temporary visa holders to travel to Australia. However, everyone has to comply with the condition to quarantine themselves for two weeks on arrival with Australia. Below are the few exemptions for your consideration;

  • Temporary visa holders with a compassionate reason may be exempted from travel restrictions.
  • Any Foreigners invited by the Australian government to facilitate the current situation
  • Related emergency supplies, air ambulances or any related emergency facilitating services provider are allowed to travel to the country
  • Temporary visa holders as a critical sector employees are allowed to travel.
  • Any other peculiar conditions.

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