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BlogOccupation Ceilings for the year 2019 to 2020 announced !!!

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Are you an international student in Australia and in view of the current trends, are worried about the fate of your Australian PR dreams? Well most of the international students, recent graduates and temporary workers are in utter disdain about the plight of their Australian dream keeping in view the high cut off scores coming out of skill select draws. In the first week of August, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has released the occupational ceilings for year 2019–2020. Note that the occupational ceilings have been put into place to ensure that all occupational groups get the same number of invitations rather than dominated by a few fields. 

The occupational ceilings 2020 list has currently more than 200 occupations which are listed in the Australian Skilled Occupational Lists (SOL) and is regularly updated by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. There’s a limit to the number of ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) or invites issued from an occupation group and this limit is called occupational ceilings. The DoHA has proclaimed that ‘Once this limit is reached, no further invitations for that particular occupation group will be issued for that program year. Invitations will then be allocated to intending migrants in other occupation groups even if they are lower ranking.’ So if you are a skilled professional who is striving hard to make it big and finally find a place to be selected in the skill select draws than you should be watchful for the new developments coming your way and see whether your profession made the cut. 

It should also be noted here that the number of occupational ceilings should not be misinterpreted for the number of places available for skilled migrants. Occupational ceilings 2020 are there to ensure that each profession and occupation gets a fair number of share in the overall skilled migrant quota while the number of invites represent to the number total number that is to be issued. 

For a common man, when you look into the occupational ceilings chart, you may wonder why some occupations have small/medium number of invites and why some others have higher number of invites. This is in place because it is a true reflection of which certain occupations in Australia are in higher demand and which are in lesser demand. For instance the occupational ceilings for arts related occupations like musicians is only a mere 1000 places while that of registered nurses it is 17000 and you see there is a whopping disparity among the two professions simply because of the fact that nurses are in high demand in Australia and they have many options and pathways leading to PR pathway while musicians are on the demand on a lesser side. 

In addition to this, as mentioned above, some people may mistake that considering the higher number of ceilings that there are greater slots available this time but in reality it is not necessary that the DoHA will send out certain number of invites and they can be on a lesser number then the ceilings planned. Occupational ceilings for year 2019-2020 do not apply to State or Territory Nominated, Employer Sponsored or Business Innovation and Investment visa subclasses. The occupational ceilings for the 2019-20 program year:

Occupation ID DescriptionOccupation Ceiling Value 2019-2020
1213Livestock Farmers5,934
1331Construction Managers4,983
1332Engineering Managers1,000
1341Child Care Centre Managers1,000
1342Health and Welfare Services Managers1,785
1399Other Specialist Managers3,044
2111Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers1,000
2112Music Professionals1,000
2121Artistic Directors, and Media Producers and Presenters1,098
2212Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers*1,552
2241Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians1,000
2245Land Economists and Valuers1,000
2247Management consultant5,269
2321Architects and Landscape Architects2,171
2322Cartographers and Surveyors1,000
2331Chemical and Materials Engineers1,000
2332Civil Engineering Professionals3,772
2333Electrical Engineers1,000
2334Electronics Engineers*1,000
2335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers*1,600
2336Mining Engineers1,000
2339Other Engineering Professionals*1,000
2341Agricultural and Forestry Scientists1,000
2342Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists1,000
2343Environmental Scientists1,472
2344Geologists, Geophysicists and Hydrogeologists1,000
2345Life Scientists1,000
2346Medical Laboratory Scientists1,505
2349Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals1,000
2411Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers2,294
2414Secondary School Teachers8,052
2415Special Education Teachers1,111
2421University Lecturers and Tutors3,407
2512Medical Imaging Professionals1,203
2514Optometrists and Orthoptists1,000
2519Other Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals1,000
2521Chiropractors and Osteopaths1,000
2524Occupational Therapists1,082
2527Speech Professionals and Audiologists1,000
2531General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers3,550
2533Internal Medicine Specialists1,000
2539Other Medical Practitioners1,250
2544Registered Nurses17,509
2611ICT Business and Systems Analysts*2,587
2612Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers1,000
2613Software and Applications Programmers*8,748
2621Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists2,887
2631Computer Network Professionals*2,553
2633Telecommunications Engineering Professionals1,000
2725Social Workers2,128
3122Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians1,000
3123Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians1,000
3132Telecommunications Technical Specialists1,000
3211Automotive Electricians1,000
3212Motor Mechanics6,399
3222Sheet metal Trades Workers1,000
3223Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers3,983
3232Metal Fitters and Machinists7,007
3233Precision Metal Trades Workers1,000
3241Panel beaters1,000
3311Bricklayers and Stonemasons1,610
3312Carpenters and Joiners8,536
3322Painting Trades Workers3,330
3334Wall and Floor Tilers1,682
3421Air conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics1,851
3422Electrical Distribution Trades Workers1,000
3423Electronics Trades Workers1,313
3611Animal Attendants and Trainers1,051
3991Boat Builders and Shipwrights1,000
4523Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials4,071

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