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BlogGreat News for International Students – Australia announces Incentives & Scholarships for Regional Immigration!

August 5, 2019by Vision Consultants

Keeping in view the current sky rocketing trends in the recent cut-off scores of the skill select rounds, the international workers and temporary workers residing in Australia for the hopes of regional immigration in Australia, had found a silver lining in the visa 489 and 190. As of now, in a bid by the government to promote the skilled population to the regional areas, two visa categories are in force namely the Skilled Regional Visas and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme which has now also been regarded as TSS visa. The first one is for skilled migrants who are nominated by the state or territory governments or workers who have been sponsored by an eligible relative. While the RSMS one deals with Australian employers being able to employ foreign workers to meet their local/regional skilled migration intakes and gaps. Things are about to change drastically with the Australian government’s plan to introduce new measures that will better align migration outcomes with the needs of regional Australia.

Pertaining from 16th November 2019, there has been changes allocated with new visa categories like 491. The Skilled Work Regional visa will replace the old Skilled Regional Visa and Skilled Employer Regional will be replacing the RSMS. But it should also be noted here that both of these aforementioned visas will allow foreign workers to live and work in regional Australia for a period of five years. A third type of visa category will also be introduced from 16th November 2022 and which will allow holders of new regional visas to access permanent residency after three years. There have been various incentives and advantages that have been specifically cured to lure new skilled workers and graduates to head over and settle to regional Australia and which include:

Other incentives to attract new migrants to settle outside of the big cities will include:

  • Increased number of places for new regional visas, 23,000 is set aside for 2019-2020
  • Increased points test points for regional nomination or sponsorship under SESR visa
  • The new regional visas will receive priority processing
  • Employers in regional Australia and State/Territory governments, who sponsor regional skilled migrants, will have access to more occupations than the equivalent non-regional visas:
  • SWR will have access to 504 eligible occupations (77 more than the closet equivalent non-regional visa)
  • SESR will have access to 673 eligible occupations (over 450 more occupations than the closet equivalent non-regional visa)

There has also been news updates that the government will also be providing more than 4000 Australian scholarships over a period of next 4 years to international students so that they can take up regional Australia as their favorite destination. In addition to this a new graduate visa regional may also be introduced post 2021 for international students who have graduated from an institute in regional Australia. So if you are a recent graduate or still studying in Australia and want to settle here permanently, do not wait anymore, and fill out the contact us form below so that we can contact you further to discuss your options. In order to further gain assistance regarding state nomination and if you want free one-on-one consultations, Vision Consultants Australia (education agents in Sydney, migration agents in Melbourne) can provide expert education and migration consultancy and visa services. 

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