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Blog5 Tips That Increase The Chances Of Australian Study Visa Approval

January 15, 2020by Vision Consultants

Finally you made your mind to study in Australia! Well, Congratulation! This was the first and foremost hurdle. There are a lot of students who cannot make up their mind weather to study abroad or not, while some of them are not able to decide on the country they want to study in and the others are too doubtful about the results.
Obtaining an Australian Study Visa is not as easy as it seems. Nothing could be more demotivating for a student than a study visa rejection apart from the amount of money invested and wasted in that process. This is a fact that nobody can guarantee a visa, there are still some tips that can help you boost your chances Study visa approval. The top 5 tips that can help you increase your chances of getting a study visa successfully are listed below.


Hiring a Registered & Professional Migration Agency

One of the best suggestions anyone could give you is to hire a professional and registered agency/agent for your visa process and guidance. No matter how intelligent or smart you may be, but understanding the visa filing better than a registered education & migration agent might not be possible for you. When you hire a registered agent make sure that you’re contacting an authentic person who can file your case perfectly and knows the education industry very well.  Please be aware of frauds and suspicious agents who guarantee you student. Kindly do your research before choosing a migration agent from your area.

Choosing Suitable Course and Provider

You may have some options to study the course of your choice and these options will be provided to you by your agent accordingly. Give it a good thought and make your decision on the basis of your educational background, financial situation and future prospects. You also have to make sure that you’re choosing a course related to your educational background. You cannot choose to study commerce abroad if you have a background in engineering or science. 

Writing an Impactful Statement of Purpose

Although your agent will assist you with writing the Statement of Purpose but the authenticity of that statement totally depends on how you put it out there for it to seem authentic. Try to be as real as possible with your statement so it leave an impact. Your SOP plays a very important role in visa approval process, it should not be taken lightly at all. Take tips from professionals; get your SOP proofread and add substantial reasons in it to take on higher education abroad. You have to convince the visa officer and assure him that you are a genuine student and wish to study in Australia and will get back to your home once your education is completed. 

Being Good in Academics

Not everyone can control this but it’s a fact the better the academics the more are your chances of getting a visa and you might also be eligible for a scholarship there. Good graders get admission and visa both easily as compared to a student who is not so good in academics, so keep in mind that your good score will stay with you until your higher education.

Documents & Funds Arrangement In Advance 

It’s always a good idea to be prepared in advance with your documents and funds, they can be needed anytime and this will also make sure that your application can be filed as soon as possible reducing the processing ensuring your admission in the next intake session. The clear idea of the funds and documents you might need will be given to you by your agent Kindly note that keeping all the above points in mind may not guarantee you a successful student visa but will surely boost up your chances of getting one. If you’re looking for a Australian study visa approval, fill our contact form freely and one of your representatives will connect with you soon regarding your query.  Have a Happy Student Life!  

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