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Blog5 Questions You Should Be Asking an Overseas Employee before Sponsoring

January 18, 2020by Vision Consultants

To avoid common pitfalls and optimize your chances of success, ask these 5 key questions before commencing the 482 TSS sponsorship process.

When sponsoring for the 482 TSS, what occupation code should I use?

Some occupations aren’t included on the 482 TSS Skilled Occupation List and can’t be sponsored, while others are subject to caveats restricting things during which the occupation is out there for sponsorship. The most appropriate selection of occupation to match the position determines the subsequent matters: 

* the amount that the 482 TSS visa are often granted. The TSS Skilled Occupation List identifies occupations subject to Medium Term Skills Shortage as available for a 4-year visa and occupations subject to Short Term Skill Shortage as available for a 2-year visa. 

* If the visa holder are often sponsored for permanent residence within the future. The occupations on the Medium Term Skills Shortage list can only be sponsored for Australian permanent residence under the Employer Nomination Scheme. If an occupation is on the Short Term Skill Shortage list then employers can sponsor for an initial period of two years, with a possible extension of two years. 

* Duties which may be performed by the sponsored employee on the 482 TSS visa. This is not a general work visa. The TSS 482 is an Approved Standard Business Sponsor subject to a sponsorship obligation under the Migration Law to make sure that a sponsored employee only performs duties within the nominated position as began within the ANZSCO code under which they were sponsored. This restriction on the duties which will be performed on the 482 TSS visa is additionally imposed as a visa condition on the 482 TSS visa granted to the sponsored employee. Accordingly, both the sponsoring business and therefore the 482 TSS visa holder are going to be in breach of the Migration Law if duties performed fall outside the nominated position as stated within the initial application. Where employers want to vary the nominated position duties, it’s necessary to form a fresh 482 TSS nomination application and await approval by the Department of Home Affairs. 

* The Annual Market Salary Rate which might be payable to the same Australian worker employed within the same occupation Annual Market Salary Rate are going to be assessed by regard to the stated occupation and ANZSCO code nominated within the application in determining if you’ve got other Australian workers performing an equivalent tale within the business or industry data on the salary that ought to be paid to the sponsored employee. Employers got to first determine the duties of the proposed position to be sponsored then review the Occupation List to ascertain if there’s a match for the duties of the position. Each occupation on the 482 TSS Skilled Occupation List includes an ANZSCO occupation code which references a definition of the key duties for every occupation employed by the Department of Home Affairs to assess that you simply have selected an occupation code which matches the duties. 

Are you able to being a foreign worker meet the standards for a TSS 482 visa?

This 482 visa application process is usually described as follows: 

  • Sponsorship application by the business to become an approved sponsor
  • Nomination Application by the business for approval of the position.
  • Visa Application by the overseas worker While the 482 TSS application process requires Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 above to achieve success , before deciding if you ought to sponsor a foreign employee it’s essential to first determine whether the proposed employee is probably going to satisfy the 482 TSS visa criteria under Step 3.
    Key Visa Applicant Criteria – 482 TSS the criteria is as follows:
  • if the intention is to think about the 482 TSS visa applicant for permanent residence within the future, age should be considered. Applicants for the Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme permanent residence visa must be under 45 years at the time of application. Otherwise there’s no regulation.
  • Qualifications must be held at the extent determined by the ANZSCO Code chosen from the above>occupation list. for instance , a programmer ANZSCO Code 261313 shows that it’s a Skill Level 1 Occupation requiring a minimum Bachelor Degree Qualification (or equivalent 5 years??? experience in lieu of the Bachelor Degree).
  • The 482 visa applicant must have a minimum of 2 years of skilled work experience within the mentioned occupation additionally to the Qualification.
  • The 482 Visa applicant must have met minimum English test requirements.
  • The applicant is required to satisfy health and character criteria to be approved for the 482 visa.

For a few occupations a skills assessment must be successfully completed for a 482 visa and where registration is required for the occupation, the 482 visa applicant must hold the requisite licensing or registration required. For instance, within the case of Medical Practitioners, registration is mandatory for the grant of the 482 TSS visa.


3. Can an Australian worker be found to fill the position?

Testing of market for 482 TSS Visa Australian Migration Law imposes a strict requirement that market testing requirements must be satisfied at the time the 482 TSS Nomination Application is filed. Labor Marker Testing requirements can’t be completed after lodgment of the nomination application or satisfied at a later date in response to a requested by the Department of Home Affairs to supply additional supporting evidence. The timing and specificity of market Testing are such employer???s applications under the 482 TSS program are often refused for failing to satisfy the Labor Marker Testing requirements. Your nomination application will presumably be refused if you???re unable to satisfy the market Testing and you’ll forfeit the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) Charge paid at the time the 482 TSS Nomination Application was lodged. For instance, where you sponsor a 482 TSS visa applicant for a four-year visa, the Skilling Australians Fund Charge ranges from $4,800.00 up to $7,200.00, so failing to satisfy market testing requirements may be a particularly costly mistake. To avoid refusal of your 482 TSS nomination application and resulting loss of the Skilling Australian Fund Charge, carefully consider the applicable market Testing requirements specified by the Minister for Home Affairs and ensure strict compliance in respect of the following: 

  • Market Testing was completed within the specified period. 
  • Market Testing was completed within the required manner. 
  • The Nomination Application is submitted alongside evidence of completing the market testing for the amount and within the manner required. 
  • The Nomination Application is submitted with sufficient details to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs that there’s no suitably qualified and experienced Australian worker available. Employers must also complete the applicable market testing before making a suggestion of employment to the proposed overseas worker.

Accordingly, the utilization contract shouldn’t be dated before the completion of the market Testing. This is often also a standard and avoidable reason for refusal of a 482 TSS Nomination Application by the Department of Home Affairs.

4. Costs to business for sponsoring a foreign worker under the 482 TSS program?
Department of Home Affairs Application Fees???

The Department of Home Affairs 482 TSS application fees are as began below:
482 TSS Sponsorship Application Charge $420.00 Nomination Application Charge $330.00 Skilling Australians Fund Charge $1,200.00 to $1,800.00 for every year of sponsorship, payable upfront, non-refundable except in limited circumstances. Visa Application Charge $2,645.00 per applicant over 18 years, $660.00 per applicant under 18 years. Employer sponsors must pay the prices of sponsoring and nominating overseas workers consistent with the strict provisions within the migration law.They also prohibited from recovering the prices of the sponsorship or nomination and must not receive a payment/benefit reciprocally for sponsorship of a foreign worker.

5. Time interval for the 482 TSS visa?

Current processing times for the Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage) TSS visa as at 18 July 2019 are set for every stream out below:Visa Processing Times – 482 TSS Visa Stream 75 you look after Visas Processed 90 you look after Visas Processed Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482)??? Short-term 32 days 48 days Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) Medium-term 22 days 43 days Will my business be approved as an Accredited Sponsor to access data processing of the 482 TSS application? Sponsoring a foreign worker for a 482 TSS visa as an accredited sponsor compared to being a typical Business Sponsor means the method is simplified and ensures data processing of the appliance. Before starting the sponsorship process, existing Standard Business Sponsors should consider if they meet the standards to become an approved sponsor. Determine more about who can become an Accredited Sponsor. Don???t worry if you’ve got any longer questions after this! Vision Australia is here to assist you by providing all the rules you would like. Speak to our Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer before commencing the 482 TSS sponsorship process. 

Keeping the above points in consideration can help you processing 482 TSS and if you still have questions reach out to us today at

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