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BlogTop 5 Ways You Can Boost Your Overall Score for Australian Migration/PR!

January 1, 2019by Vision Consultants

We all know how big of a dream it is for those who want to settle in Australia, to get the Australian PR and ultimately the Aussie passport. But realizing the Australian dream has its own ups and downs and the processes and requirements involved. If you are a skilled professional with expertise in your area of field that is also in the Skilled Occupations List of Australia than you stand brighter chance of settling down in Australia.

It would be imperative to note here that just a couple of months ago, the Department of Home Affairs had raised the minimum threshold to qualify for the Skill Select rounds at 65. Previously, it was 60 points that were the minimum requirement. So this is an indication how the cut off scores are seeing the upward trend since the latest rounds. The recent cut off scores in last Skill Select rounds has seen way higher cut offs which lingers around 75  to 80 points minimum for candidates to be able to receive the invitation.

In lieu of the above discussed fact, it has become rather imperative for potential migrants these days to look for ways in order to increase their scores.


English language is one of the most important requirement for migration and a candidate must score a good band. A band of 8 enables candidate to score 20 points and 10 points for 7 bands.  


Young, enthusiastic and professionally skilled individuals are in demand therefore young candidates score max that are in the age bracket of 25 – 32 years of age.


Potential candidates are also awarded points based on their qualification in the level of field that corresponds with the in-demand occupations in Australia. Highest qualification marks are awarded to PhD holders. Additional points can be claimed if the applicant has studied from an Australian recognized institute and have studied for a period of 2 years.

Additionally, if an applicant has completed a 2 year study program in Regional Australia, than they may also claim additional points as Australian government is actively looking forward to settle new immigrants in regional Australia including Tasmania.

Professional Year:

Candidates can gain additional points if they can appear for professional year in their designated fields including Accounting, Engineering and IT.


Alternatively, they can also pass the exam and become a NAATI certified interpreter. In this way candidates can claim additional 5 points by doing either of these.

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