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BlogTop In-Demand Occupations that can lead you to Australian PR – Read More

January 9, 2019by Vision Consultants

Australia has right now currently the most booming economy in the world. With that robust economy, Australia offers an unparalleled job and employment opportunities as well as a truly multi-cultural environment. Many skilled workers are flocking to this land of opportunity for a better future. Australia has one of the most robust and highly inclusive immigration programs in the world with 190,000 places for potential migrants set aside each year. Out of this, around 70% places are reserved for skilled migrants in various economic classes including 189 and 190.

In order to immigrate to Australia, only those skilled workers can migrate and/or apply for permanent residency visas who have the education, expertise and skills in the in-demand job and professions. Each year the Australian Department of Home Affairs and also individual states publish their lists of in demand occupations that are either short, medium or long term skilled occupational lists. Let us discuss below the most in demand jobs that can lead your way to PR.

The most in demand occupations/skills this year include:

    • Nurses


    • Electricians


    • Engineers


    • Business Analysts


    • Secondary school teachers


    • Motor mechanics


    • Metal fitters


    • Carpenters


  • Joiners

Talking about registered practicing nurses, in the current year, Australia reserved a whopping 17000 places for registered nurses under the Skilled Stream, in which no state sponsorship is required.

Australia has currently a massive skills shortage and in order to cope up with this shortage, they are inviting skilled professionals to fill in the gaps with their expertise. For instance, in Agriculture industry, it is facing an acute shortage of labor. Also, software engineers are in high demand in Australia. According to a survey, there were around 7200 vacant positions for software engineers in this current year and many of them were left unoccupied.

It should also be said here that while the minimum threshold for the Australian cut off for Skill Select is 65 but invitations are now coming at 80 points, which is quite high. Similar is the case with accountants and auditors who are also witnessing the same trend over the years.

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