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BlogAustralian Migration 2020 declined – Exemptions for Temporary visa holders

Australian Migration 2020-21 is experiencing 80 percent decline

Australian Migration 2020 declined – Exemptions for Temporary visa holders
The COVID-19 travel restrictions have resulted in a massive loss in Australian migration and visa applications this year. Due to which temporary changes are made to certain visas. 


Since Australian borders are expected to remain close till September 2020 and beyond, the number of migration applications are directly affected. The announcement was publicized on 23 July 2020, while Treasurer Josh Freedenberg was updating the Federal Government’s economic situation, he disclosed that Australia’s Net Overseas Migration may fall by 80% for this financial year.

The quota for Net Overseas Migration has decided every year when the budget is prepared and announced. Nonetheless, the budget has to be announced on 6 October, the pre-economic and financial updates have revealed the NOM stats that will drop from 154,000 to 31,000 by 2020-21 as compared to the last economic year 2019-20.


International travel ban 2020 & Exemptions for Temporary visa holders

The travel ban applied in March 2020, drastically affected this number, the international travel ban also made it difficult for visa applicants to meet the Australian visa requirements.

According to the recent announcements, there are some exceptions made on Australian traveling restrictions from July to December 2020. Especially five new reforms are made for international students to study in Australia during the pandemic.

A presumption has revealed by the Government, to have a traveling ban uplifted from the start of January till the end of June 2021, provided with safety protocols and quarantine conditions. Such measures will reopen the limited number of arrivals of temporary visa holders and migrants.


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Australian migration revival – a need for economic recovery 


Vision’s migration consultants in MelbourneMr. Imran Ali, and Rumina Iqbal elucidated the fall of Net Overseas Migration, the effects on state nominations, and permanent migration.

They further predicted that “since the number of NOM has decreased from 232,000 in 2018-19 to 154,000 in 2019-20, and now to 31,000 in 2020-21, it wouldn’t be unfair to expect the further decrease in the actual number of visa grant in permanent migration program. Means that 160,000 maybe just an allocated number of visa grants but, actual permanent visa grants can be expected to reduce to 100,000”.

Besides, they enlightened that shrinking the number of Migration applications will negatively impact on the regional area’s economy. Although the main cities may not face the heat but the sparsely populated states, rural and regional areas will face the consequences as many of the critical occupation sectors depend on the immigrants.

Also, they urged that it is time to consider migration as more than just a visa grant and population dispersion for every associated business sustainability and recovery of the Australian migration sector.


Skilled Work Regional Visas & Migration updates 

The Government made temporary changes recently for certain Temporary Visas 


The Australian Government has made some changes for some temporary visas to survive the pandemic effects while maintaining the lawful status in Australia. These changes are notable and very helpful for the overseas community.

New Zealand - Australian Migration 2020 - Exemptions for Temporary visa holders

👉New Zealand Citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply

New Zealanders are warmly welcome to apply for permanent residency in the pandemic. The income eligibility requirement has also reduced for skilled independent (subclass 189) visa New Zealand stream.


👉 International students (offshore) are allowed to study in Australia again

The Government has waived the application fee for the international student visa (subclass 500) for students who want to extend their visas to complete their studies or bound to remain in Australia because of the travel ban. More so fresh graduate from Australia and eligible international students residing outside the country and stuck due to travel restrictions, are eligible to apply for Temporary Graduate Visa (485).


👉 Temporary visa holders working in the agricultural sector can continue to work further 

Seasonal Worker Program, Pacific Labor Scheme workers and other temporary visa holders engaged in agricultural work can extend their visas for up to 12 months and continue to work further in the pandemic. While Working Holiday Maker (417 and 462) serving in the agriculture or food processing sector can also avail this flexibility. And now they are also exempt from working limitation of six months. Besides the Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labour Scheme workers


👉 Temporary visa holders working in sectors responsive to COVID-19

To make sure the continuous supply of essential goods during COVID-10, the government has temporarily relaxed the work restrictions for international students studying medical courses (Nursing or related to an emergency response) or working in critical sectors and supermarkets.


👉 Working Holiday Maker visa holders can work for the same employer for an extended duration

Working holiday Maker holding subclass 417 and 462 can work for up to 12 months for the same employer in a designated local government area within their specified work i.e. construction work and disaster recovery.


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