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Are Australian migrants expected to back on track?  COVID-19 updates

Since we talk about the Net Overseas Migration (NOM) in our previous blog, here we will discuss some stats for applicants planning to migrate to Australia or onshore applicants planning to apply for the respective visa subclass. There have been different reforms introduced for a specific class of visa, but this side of the migration industry is still under consideration.
First of all, there is a need to understand that Australia’s net migration has a formula that gives the number of migrants each year. Which is: migrants arrived in a year – migrants departed in a year equals to the number of net Australian migrants. This net number comprises of Permanent Residents, Australian Citizens, New Zealand Citizens, and temporary Australian visa holders.


The Department of Home Affairs new guidelines announced recently have given some relief for the migration industry. Since the novel Corona Virus has disturbed almost every individual and business across the world, many of the developments are still expected and the migration industry is hoping a comeback of migrants.


The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has requested the visa applicants to be calm in this travel ban. The DHA has suggested the subclass 482 visa holders who are stuck offshore to inform their employers that may help them to hold their existing jobs. Similarly, international students who went on a break to their home country to meet families after completing a semester must inform their universities. However, they can study online according to their intuition’s policy, and also they now have an option of the pilot program to be onboard in July.


Other orders and Directions

  • By following all the rules and directions of DHA, parents and other relatives of students can apply for visit visa
  • If Students want to call their parents urgently, they will have to apply for a waiver.
  • There are no impediments for anyone to apply for bridging visa B in Australia. But one has to apply on an urgent basis to avoid visa cancellation.


Contribution of Australian migrants in the Economy

No one can deny the significance of Australian migrants in the economy. The prominent input in the NOM is the Temporary Visa Holders comprising temporary graduates, students, working holiday, visitors, and temporary work visas. It would be worth noticing the stats that migrants generate each year in Australia and few


  • The Australian immigration policy designed and updated for migrants has supported the Australian economy for almost 30 years.
  • Australia has the 2nd largest labor force in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Being consumers, migrants pay taxes, and they also play a good part in the real estate sector.
  • International students contribute almost $39 billion each year in the country’s economy, hence setting international education as the 4th massive contributor to Australia’s economy.
  • Observing the dropping level of immigrants, experts have forecasted that there may be a $50 billion hit in the annual revenue over this year and next.


Not only experts but Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also admonished that a declining number of skilled migrants due to abridging program may have unpleasant effects. He further added that the government expects to face a 30% decrease in 2020 that can reach up to 85% decrease by 2021.


The financial year 2020 for Australian Migrants

Since the stats showing unfavorable conditions, but it is unpredictable. Skilled professionals who are planning to live, work, and settle permanently in Australia can expect good outcomes as well. The DHA is considering to issue invites only for the best and highly competent candidates meeting the occupation point criteria.


Keeping in view the decline in the country’s income, the government might propose good reforms for the other long term workers and businessmen and investors. Referring to the Pilot program, Senator Simon Birmingham indicated and said,

Australia to allow international university students to return before all …

Jul 6, 2020 Australia to allow international university students to return before all state borders open. Government lifts conditions in light of Victoria Covid-19 …

“Those who might not only be international students but be here for longer-term work purposes or longer-term business and investment purposes, logically you can extend those sorts of same safeguards to them and their state,”


On questioning about the travel ban and actuating the Australian border, Senator Birmingham replied: “Honestly, I think that is more likely the case.”


Since the Australian immigration played a vital role for mutual benefits, we are hopeful to have some breakthrough for long term workers and migration may get back to its previous track.


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