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The financial year 2020 – Migration updates 2020 – for existing and prospective Visa holders -Skilled Work Regional Visas

financial year 2020
The year 2020 has been an alert for existing and Prospective visa holders. This financial year 2020 has brought many short term changes to the current visa policies and rules. All the international students, partners, skilled migrants, and aged parents planning to travel to Australia this year, must re-consider their decision!!!


The COVID-19 has changed the dimension of every business and so the migration sector can be considered a victim of this pandemic. After the 1st of July, 2020, migration experts are visualizing the effects on skilled migration programs and other visa subclasses.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation and case numbers …

We are managing the COVID19 outbreak in Australia as a health emergency. We will update this page …
Although Australia is much successful in limiting the numbers of COVID-19 cases, as a result, it has bunged up many visa holders just to maximize the protection of the country against the pandemic.


All the States and territories amend their skilled occupation lists annually according to the number of nominations and visas allocated for each category.


However this year is depicting a different picture, the migration experts are considering the recent changes as short term but expressive to the migration policies. Each territory and state has made temporary changes in their visa applications. Here you will get precise information for each state.


New South Wales:
Applications for Skilled Work Regional :

New South Wales - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalRecently, NSW gave a breakthrough for prospective visa holders and allowed applications for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). The state government made the process lenient and lifted the conditions of one-year residence and work experience. However, it was closed soon on 26 June 2020.

Now the NSW government has closed applications for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) and Business Innovation and Investment Program and there is no date expected to re-open these pathways to Australian migration. However, the state is waiting for new stats for 2020-21 to re-track the GSM.




Victoria - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalDepending on the official announcements, the state government of Victoria will open applications for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) and the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190) for the running financial year.

The rest of the states in the country have much control over the pandemic however, Victoria is a bit under threat. It has been recorded that the state is experiencing per day increase in the COVID-19 cases that watershed the General skilled migration program in Victoria.


Nevertheless of the crises, the government made it clear that applicants associated with sensitive occupations concerning to COVID-19 measures will be exceptional cases to consider in this financial year. Tradespersons, infrastructure, medicine, aged and healthcare, and others. Besides, if these applicants are onshore, it is more likely they will be given priority in processing as well. However, we may just expect the program to resume in Victoria. Also, the invitations soon after opening the program will sketch better the trend of in-demand occupations.



Queensland - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalJust like Victoria, Business and Skilled Migration Queensland has also closed applications for state nominations. The state is also waiting for any announcements from DHA to refurbish the program for the running financial year. There are yet no speculations about any provisions for state nomination.






South Australia:

South Australia - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalUnlike the Victoria and Queensland, South Australia has given some expected timeline to resume application acceptance for 190 and 491 categories. It is anticipated that SA will start accepting applications at the start of August 2020 depending announcement.







Western Australia:

Western Australia - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalThere is no information available from the state however the state has recently amended the respective skilled occupation list. The occupation of a Registered Nurse (Mental Health) has replaced with Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Physicist (Medical Physicist).






Northern Territory:

Northern Territory - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalAccording to the migration experts, Temporary visa holders living in the territory (nominated region) and upgrading their skills according to the high demand occupations in the territory will have better chances to receive nominations. The Northern Territory has also closed applications for state nomination for offshore applicants. Whereas any changes for the entitlement of nominations are effective from July 1, 2020.




Australian Capital Territory:

Australian Capital Territory - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalThe invitation round has been awaited since June 2020, it is expected till July 15, 2020, depending on the official announcements. If we take an overview of the last round, the stats are not much convincing because only 81 inventions were issued for 190 Visa subclass. While there were no invitations made for the subclass 491, revealing that many applications are lined up.




Tasmania - financial year 2020 - Skilled Work RegionalTasmania is a bit flexible for accepting and considering applications, however, the respective authorities have not granted any quota for nominations for 2020-21. This means that nominations will not be issued unless the quota is fixed. Besides the state has not guaranteed that all eligible applicants will receive a positive response.


Already hold a visa? See if you are affected:

If you are already in Australia holding any of the visas among 491, 190, or 189. Also if you are already invited, you are safe. But in a case that you have lodged an expression of interest and waiting for an invitation, have a chance of being affected.

Meanwhile, if you meet the requirements to apply for state nomination, you can prepare your documents including  :

  • Language proficiency tests
  • Skills assessments
  • Searching for relevant jobs or skilled employment
  • Acquiring experience in the designated regions.
  • Gaining work experience in the relevant state or territory

If you need any assistance and information about the above documents, our experienced counselors at Vision Consultants Australia are available to guide and help you. Call us or drop an email, our representative will contact you back.


Latest updates –July 13, 2020:

For the financial year 2020-21, the Department of Home Affairs enlightened the migration scheme through MIA. Although acknowledging the significant contribution of temporary visa holders in the Australian economy, the government decided to stable its citizens. The government has taken measures to give employment opportunities to Australians and controlling the post effect of Corona and support critical industries.

Since migration is the key contributor to Australia’s economy, the current pandemic has decreased Net Overseas Migration which is a 30% decline for the last FY and more is expected in 2020-21. There are still no words in the development of pilot programs for immigration.


189 and 491 (family-sponsored) visas updates:

For the category, there are certain occupations under consideration for the coming round of invitations, yet the Skill select has made no invitations since April 2020. Indicating that there is no likelihood of invitations and minimum point cut-off. Most likely it is expected that the next invitation round is in July so the critical and medical occupational sectors are at the winning pace.


Allocation of invitations and expected announcements for migration plan 2020-21:

In sighting the economic growth of the country, the government is considering the job creation and recovery measures, among which migration Australia has a priority. The under consideration factors to drive the allocation figure, are population objectives in the regional areas, the economic condition of Australia that is declining currently, and skill-shortage as per the current situation and future needs.


Until any new announcements, the old allocated figure of 2019-20 is effective i.e. 160,000. According to this figure, if we look at the previous breakdown of the migration program, it is discouraging because only 108,682 places are allocated for skilled migration. With further breakdown, it is dived as 24,968 places for State/Territory Nominated (subclass 190), 16,652 places for Skilled Independent (subclass 189), and 15,000 places for Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491).


Although the DHA is considering migration programs and planning for the running financial year yet there are no announcements from the Commonwealth government for state and territory nomination quotas. However, it is expected that there will be some progress in October 2020, when the Federal budget is contemplated.


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