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BlogRegional Nominated, Visa 489 galore! Orana, Riverina & Northern Inland open their Skilled Regional Nomination programs

In a recent spur of developments, we witnessed that two major news regarding nomination by the states/regions were announced about 489 visa. Keeping in view the current high cut off trends as witnessed in the recent skill select draws and the ever-increasing pool size of skilled professionals wanting to immigrate and settle in Australia, these two news highlights from major nominations by the regions has come as a fresh blow of air and a sigh of relief for many onshore and offshore prospective applicants. 

The RDA Riverina of New South Wales (Regional Development Area) had just announced that it has started to accept the nomination applications for the state nominated (subclass 489 visa). The list of skills and professions eligible for the application were also available and there was no such bound that the applicants had to be living in Australia. However, the Riverina subclass 489 visa Australia nomination has now closed for further nominations. 

But despite the closure of the Riverina NSW 489 nomination, their still remains a silver lining for the prospective applicants who are waiting for a state nomination to boost up their dwindling scores and a prospect to live and work in Australia. The Northern Inland NSW will be opening its 489 visa nominations from tomorrow i.e. 18th July 2019 starting 12 p.m. so prospective applicants need to get their documentation ready to avail this hot opportunity. It was mentioned on their website that: “applications for Skilled Regional Nomination by the Northern Inland Region will open from Midday on Thursday 18 July, 2019. The occupations list for this region will go online at that time. We are optimistic that the NSW government will re-commence nominating by Monday 22nd July, 2019. The Northern Inland Region will not accept 489 visa applications any later than 3rd September 2019. The last day that nominations will be processed and invitations from the Department of Home Affairs will be issued for the visa sub – class 489 is 10th of September. 

In another bid to increase the regional migration by the government, the Orana region will be accepting 489 visa Australia applications from 1st August till 14th August, 2019 or until the Orana region has reached its application threshold. However, there have been some specific conditions charted out by the Orana region mainly comprising that participants who have already ongoing full time employment in Orana region in their own field will be the preferred applicants for application. Also, in order to effectively manage the large pool of applicants and to give everyone a fair chance, the RDA Orana has imposed the conditions that it is at the behest of the individual applying to make sure that their occupation is in demand list. Whenever there will be excess applications in a certain month, individual occupations will be stopped at the discretion of the RDA Orana. The onshore applicants must also be having full time employment or a genuine job offer in the Orana region at the time of applying and also those on student visa are not eligible for this nomination. Applicants must also be having mentioned number of years of experience and have good proficiency of English language. 

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