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BlogWhat are the Top Occupations in New South Wales (NSW) – Read more!

New South Wales (NSW) is big on the employability sector as of now. The state is beaming with countless jobs and other employment opportunities that pose as a great lucrative offer for countless of the potential immigrants and international students. NSW is home to some of the world’s top universities and educational institutes and also offers many vocational courses. The multi-cultural aspect of this region along with its global presence has made it a top-notch place. It is not only a hot spot for many international students from around the globe but also for techies, grad, and health care professionals and IT sector professionals. NSW is the hub for the research center for its quality education. Below we will discuss some of the top occupations in New South wales that are in demand.


If you are an engineer by profession then you certainly stand a great chance of settling in NSW. Engineers are in high demand and Australia currently is in dire need of engineering professionals. Be it mechanical engineering, electrical or civil all of the major professions are highly sought after. More and more international students are opting to study engineering in Australia. As per the Good Universities Guide engineering professionals earned around $60,705 dollars an average. The tertiary fields in this regard can aeronautical engineers, telecommunications, field engineers, agricultural engineers, etc.


Accounting is another highly sought after qualification in NSW. It can be evident from this fact that from 2000 to 2015 the number of students who enrolled in accounting almost doubled by 500%. Now that is a whopping increase and it is pertinent to the fact that accountants are no doubt one of the most sought after professionals. Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) has become the course that is high in demand.


Healthcare and service providers are surely earning a great sum of money in NSW. Universities of Nursing in Australia have a fabulous international reputation of providing world-class services to the patients. Nurse (Community Health), Nurse (Medical Practice), Nurse (Child and Family Health), Nurse (Mental Health), Nurse (Surgical) and Nurse (Pediatric) are some of the tertiary occupations.


The next in our line of topmost in-demand occupations in NSW, Australia is fielding relating to Information Technology. IT has surely boosted in the last couple of years and now IT professionals are surely among the most sought after ones in Australia. Be it Business Analysts, Software engineers and web designers these professionals have a growing demand in the Australian job market. In order to further gain assistance regarding how you can boost up your overall score and if you want free one-on-one consultations, Vision Consultants Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia can provide expert education and migration consultancy and visa services. Unparalleled service standards have given us an industry feat of the best education agent and migration agent in Australia. Our team of MARA registered agents is always there to guide you.

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