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BlogOrana (NSW) Reopens Subclass 489 Visa – Find out the details!

Orana region, located in New South Wales, has been gaining the status of hot destination for potential migrants. Although RDA Orana has now been closed for 489 applications, the migration team however has been working tirelessly to develop an updated and improved Expression of Interest (EOI) processes so as to ensure the best, highly skilled and most skillful candidates are recommended and forwarded by the RDA Orana for nomination by the State of New South Wales.

In retrospect to this, the RDA Orana has been keeping a keen eye on the number of potential candidates who are living in the Orana region for quite a substantial period now and are also actively promoting to the economic and social welfare, wellbeing and progress of the region. These communities were rather disappointed when the region had reached its maximum number of intake last year. The migration team is looking forward now to ensure full transparency to make sure these candidates have the opportunity to submit their EOI before others.

It is to be noted that potential applicants who meet the below mentioned criteria can submit their Expression of interest. The EOIs can be submitted between June 1st and June 14th inclusive.

Specific conditions for Orana Region June Expression of Interest

For June 2019 we will ONLY be assessing Expression of Interest from those who have been living in the Orana region for:

 At least 6 months

 AND working more than 30 hours per week

Their occupation must be on the current Orana Skills List.

The role they have been working in for at least 6 months MUST be suitable for classification under one of the Short/ Medium/ Long term skills list for the Orana region. That is the occupant must be eligible for 482, 489 or 187 visa’s in NSW.

We will also accept applications for Aged Care workers.

If you or your client are interested in submitting an Expression of Interest in June 2019 and have been living in the Orana region for at least 6 months but are not sure if you meet the criteria, please contact the skilled migration team HERE prior to submitting an Expression of Interest.

Where you apply, and you do not meet these criteria the EOI will NOT be refunded.

ANZSCO Level 1 Occupations require ‘Proficient’ English.

To further gain an insight in the process, you can refer to here.

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