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BlogTop Fascinating Details to Know About Studying Social Work in Australia

February 25, 2020by Vision Consultants

Growing up, while variety folks dream of becoming astronauts, scientists or even architects once we are adults—there are always a few of which may choose the trail less trodden upon; which is one which may enable them to use their education solely to help benefit humanity and society as a whole .

For such people, should they prefer to study abroad during a country like Australia; a course in welfare work could guide them in their final aim by providing them with the sensible and theoretical knowledge required to become a caseworker. If you’ve got always been perceptive and intuitive and have an honest desire to assist people affect both personal and social problems, then studying welfare work could be one among the foremost fulfilling things that you simply plan to neutralize your life.

If you think that that you simply really would really like to review welfare work, here’s an inventory of 5 intriguing belongings you absolutely need to realize the topic before you delve deeper. Hopefully, this stuff might assist you in making a concrete, well-informed decision about the course and your future.

1. Instant Job Opportunities
as we’ve already come to understand, thanks to the rapid climb of the technology sector, people all across the world are getting subsequently more detached from reality, also as depressed with their personal and even professional and social lives.

In such times, the need permanently social workers becomes even more pressing than it had been before. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why social service is one of the fastest growing job markets globally; and is additionally currently one of the occupations that have very high demand for professionals educated within the topic.

Since social workers add close proximity to people so as to counsel, support and aid them in handling their social, personal and/or professional problems, it’s crucial that students be equipped with first-hand experience within the quite work they’re going to be undertaking on a day-to-day basis.

Some of the fields of labor which will be hospitable you as a caseworker are:

a. Aged care/ care of the elderly
b. Community Services
c. Counsellor
d. Disability Services Sector
e. psychological state Sector

The field of welfare work is widely related to community and social services. However, there are other fields that also often employ social workers. Another jobs available to graduates of welfare work are:

a. School caseworker
b. Patient Care Coordinator
C. Case Manager
d. Human Services Specialist
e. Community Outreach Worker
f. Child charity case Worker
g. Public Policy Analyst

Since there’s an thorough range of options during this field, once you get your degree—it should be fairly easy for you to land employment within the precise niche you’d wish to figure in, which are numerous!


2. Very Simple Admissions
Should you choose social service as your field of study, the tactic of admission is relatively easier than for several other courses available in Australia? For a Bachelor’s degree in welfare work (BSW), applicants must have a minimum of be through with Year 12 (or its equivalent) to be eligible for entry. A 6.5 overall band score in IELTS or its equivalent in PTE is usually the minimum English requirement. Some universities may have additional academic requirements. For a Master’s degree in welfare work (MSW), the tutorial and English requirements often vary from university to college. Universities may require some subjects associated with the social sciences from previous studies. These may include the following:

a. Anthropology
b. Economics
c. History
d. Law
e. Psychology
f. Sociology; etc.

Social work programs will usually invite a 7.0 band score in IELTS or its equivalent in PTE.

3. Energetic Work Experience
If you’re not somebody who enjoys computers and handling coding, but at an equivalent time you are doing wish to take challenges to assist others, this may convince be the right study option for you! Every day are going to be quite unique, and as a social worker; it’ll be your duty to roam about and face various grueling situations within the society and therefore the community. Thanks to the dynamic nature of your career, you’ll build up a multitude of experiences that assist you improve the way during which you handle problems in your job.

4. Competitive Basic Starting Salaries
No matter how unique your choice of subject may are, in most cases, once you begin out in your job-search as a fresh graduate—most organizations and corporations will provide you with a scant sum for substantial levels of labor. As most fresh graduates need the cash, they go to seek out yourself settling for employment that does not satisfy them monetarily or even otherwise.

5. Try Before you opt
Whether you’d wish to go abroad for higher studies or not, having some extracurricular activities on your application will always cause you to that far more appealing as an applicant. This is often where you’ll gain some experience before diving headfirst into studying the topic of welfare work. Many local and international NGOs offer volunteering options for college kids at various levels. If you’d wish to see in practical terms whether the sector of welfare work could be suited to you, you’ll apply to be a volunteer during a number of NGO or INGOs, or maybe in community or local outreach programs. Not only will these experiences help embellish your resume, but it’ll also assist you gauge the waters before you really have committed to studying the course.

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