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If you have a passion and flare in commercial cookery and want to increase your prospects in being a chef as well as road to a permanent settlement in Australia, then commercial cookery is just the right choice for you. Either you are on the look out to become bar chef, culinary expert, sous chef or any other related field in the hospitality and cookery field in Australia, then looking on to the current prospective outline of the future of short and long term occupations, one can see a bright lining for those who want to opt for commercial cookery course.

Commercial Cookery in Australia / Cookery field in Australia

It is highly unlikely that you want to study in Australia but would want to go back and return to your home country (specially if you are coming from a third world country and a developing nation). The majority of international students want to come to Australia to get the best of both worlds, to set foot in the amalgamation of East and West. Australia being a top liner in the developing nations has a rich history of all providing all those health and social benefits that one looks out for while living in a developing nation including health insurance, medical, schooling and education among other rights and therefore we discussed here that commercial cookery is an ideal course these days for such people looking to stock up their lifetime opportunity.

Hospitality is growing at a very rapid pace in Australia and just in this last year, despite being cuts due to the Coronavirus pandemic, more then 90,000 jobs have been witnessed in the last year alone and this is a promising number considering the pandemic situation we are in right now however there are certain pointers that need to be noted while opting for this field; if you have a taste and appetite for strong customer service and you like being interacted with other people on regular basis then this is just the right field for you as hospitality field requires strong interpersonal skills and great communication mindset. Moreover, it is one of the occupations in demand rightly so, because chefs are in great demand in worldwide and a degree/diploma program from Australia is a wonderful opportunity to begin a career with. Another factor to keep in mind is that if you have a creative flare and have a unique thinking innovative skills-based mind then this is also the right place for you.


Which states may be listing chefs as a priority occupation?

The next question here that arises is that chefs whether chefs are in demand in any of the Australian states? Which particular state, in general, has the occupation of chefs listed in their primary occupation? And where can I go with a degree in my hand of commercial cookery? The simple answer to this question is that many leading states have the occupation of chefs in their occupations list including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia among many others.

Another good news here to remind the readers is that chefs are listed in the Medium and Long Term strategic skills list, and that is an encouraging factor when considering the pros and cons of studying commercial cookery in Australia. In general, if you want to know more about certain criteria that are related to your individual case and strengths, then you should consult an education consultant in Melbourne who can advise you in the best of manner.


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