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BlogAdvicesStudy Culinary in Australia – One of the most in-demand professions in Australia

It is by far the utmost wish and to say the least the dream and the desire of many international students, and temporary workers who are there in Australia to settle down there. Not only Australia is a land of opportunities but also it is known for its picturesque countryside’s, beaches, terrains and beautiful sceneries, that all is quite well to make this country anyone’s delight and thus increases the quality of life.

What are the Future Opportunities while you opt to Study Culinary
in Australia ?

Talking about the prospects of settling in Australia, it is also useful here to note that many international students who even have completed their degree programs and now are on their bridging visa or temporary graduate visa are looking to study other options. They may want to change their course provider, course in itself altogether in order to better find the right prospects. So talking about this, one of the fields or as we can say jobs in Australia that are high in demand are the culinary sciences. Culinary is quite a broad field and often times refers to a range of disciplines including patisserie, cooking, baking, among many others.

Expert chefs or as they are also known as souse chefs are quite in demand in Australia as after the Covid-19, it is believed by the trade gurus that the hospitality and restaurant industry will surely bounce back with all returns and with it, obviously the number of prospects job wise for culinary professionals and chefs. Chefs in Australia can be on multiple and a variety of visa categories including student visa, temporary worker visa, general culinary sciences or working holiday visa. According to the requirements that they certainly can meet.

It should also be noted here that in order to work in Australia, chefs must also hold certain qualification. A degree, diploma program that is solely related to their service and field of study and not just being on the basis that someone cooks nicely in their home country so they can get a visitor visa and start working in Australia as can be seen in the norm in different Asian countries. There are a variety of diploma programs available to those aspiring young talent and international workers who want to make it big in the hospitality industry including but not limited to:


  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management

Now that was correct for international students aspiring to study culinary in Australia, but the question here arises is what about those international skilled chefs who want to migrate to Australia based on their skill and qualification? So the good news for them is that under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the field and code for chefs is there in the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. And that means that now you, under the true abled and highly expertise guidance of migration consultants in Australia can now render their services to know about more in this regard and get the firsthand knowledge to better increase the prospects of their application.

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