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BlogAdvicesHow can I bring my parents to Australia? Your Definitive guide to sponsoring!

There is nothing better in the world then be united by your loved ones and especially in those circumstances where they thousands of miles away from you. Parents are surely a blessing as they devote everything for their children’s sale. Often times, it is the utmost wish of many parents that their kids settle in Australia and for this regard they do everything both mentally and financially to make this dream happen. Therefore, when the right time comes, it is of utmost importance for the children who then get settled in their respective professions to take care of the parents by bringing them close to them in Australia and thus family re-unification.

What are the Visa Types ? and How can I bring my parents to Australia ?

For this purpose, the Australian government has many visa categories in place and that are their so that both onshore and offshore parents can benefit. They are quite self-explanatory and thus we have listed down some of the main ones that are there in practice.

First of all, there are certain requirements that are there on part of the parents that have to be met in order for them to be eligible of the coveted Australian parent visa program.

  • The sponsoring child who is willing to sponsor their parents must be an either Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • The child has maintained sobriety and of good character background during their stay in Australia.
  • That they have been living for 2 years prior to the lodging and submission of the parent visa scheme.
  • The parent, you, have an eligible sponsor who also meets the said financial conditions required to be supporting the visa application.
  • The child is also financially capable to support your stay in Australia and this might be correlated with their income and yearly pay proofs.
  • There is also this Balance of Family test that must be met in order to be eligible, and this basically means that the number of children may either be equal or more in Australia as compared to any other country at the time of applying.
  • Parents also need to have an Austere of Support, as discussed in the point discussed above, that they have enough taxable income in this regard.

The 103 Parent Visa Category:

This visa category is eligible for the offshore applicants and this is a permanent visa that grants the holder the right to move to Australia for a period of indefinite stay. Thus they become the permanent resident of Australia.

143 Permanent Parent visa:

This is a contributory parent visa which is quite similar and identical to the above mentioned visa category and it also grants permanent resident status to the parents but they may have to make a onetime payment in the form of one community contribution to Australia, thus in a way covering their future insurance, health and other related causes.

There are also certain visa types that are there for the onshore parents or the parents who are already here in Australia with their children and wish to apply for a parent visa from here within. It should be noted that for this the parent might have to have reached retirement age and there is another certain condition bound to these visa types that include category 864 visa (onshore) and the aged parent visa category 804 (onshore).

It is therefore highly imperative here to note that no matter what it is always a great idea to reunite with your loved ones and therefore in this regard to be certain that your application for a parent visa is lodged rightly, always take the services for immigration consultants Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and Perth that can guide you in a better way.


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