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AdvicesBlogWhat are the current Australian Partner Visa processing Times ?

April 15, 2021by Vision Consultants

Being away with one’s partner or spouse may feel like being one of the biggest obstacles in life. To be thousands of miles apart, and not being able to see your loved ones can become the bane of existence for many. And so is the case with countless of international students and temporary foreign workers in Australia currently who are either on student visa or a graduate visa or another sub-class of working visa.

In order to be re-united with your loved ones, it is important that you file your partner visa application in such a manner that your case file is complete, concise and thorough and that you have applied in the right sub-class of partner visa. As there are multiple sub-classes of partner visa ranging from either temporary partner visa to permanent partner visa and from provisional visa to migrant visa. Below we have jotted down and pointed out some of the major sub-classes of Australian partner visa and their corresponding processing times. It should also be noted that though these partner visa processing times are in conjunction with the processing times set out by the Department of Home Affairs, in these recent Covid-19 times where everything is uncertain and with the border closures in place akin to vaccination regimes, nothing can be said surely with regards to the future disposition.

Partner Visa Processing Times:

  • Partner Visa 820 – Temporary

75% of applications processed within 23 months, 90% of applications processed with 28 months.

  • Partner Visa 801 – Permanent

75% of applications processed within 16 months, 90% of applications processed with 22 months.

  • Partner Visa 309 – Provisional

75% of applications processed within 18 months, 90% of applications processed with 23 months.

  • Partner Visa 100 – Migrant

75% of applications processed within 17 months, 90% of applications processed with 23 months.

  • Prospective Marriage Visa – 300

75% of applications processed within 18 months, 90% of applications processed with 29 months.

In course of all this information, we would like to further mention that it is of utmost importance that your partner visa case, no matter what sub-class is being filed for, is processed throughout by registered and trusted migration visa and partner visa consultants in Australia for fast processing and error free filing of your case to expedite the process.


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