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BlogConsultationApplying for Student Visa after 485 Temporary Graduate Visa – All You Need to Know!

The first question that arises here is that, is there a possibility of applying for a student visa after the 485 temporary graduate visa? So, the answer to that is Yes! You can certainly apply for a student visa right after your 485 graduate visa that is sub-class 485 is over.

Now the next burning question that arises here is that what about the optimum amount of gap that is permissible and allowed from the time my 485 graduate visa sub-class is over and the time I can apply for my student visa. We would say the correct answer to this depends on each and every case and therefore is variable from case to case. This means that there a number of factors that influence this bridging time including the next available intake and either the course of your interest is offered in that intake or not. Let us take an example in this regard, suppose your visa ends in December and the next available course is in February so it is advisable that there should not be a gap of a couple of months between the programs.

The next important factor to know here is that either you are applying on your own or you are taking the expertise of some MARA registered education and migration consultant. The benefit of employing a registered migration and education visa consultant would be that they are experts in their field and therefore deal with these types of cases regularly. Also, they have the expertise, team working, and references to help you better guide what visa options you can employ. Also, maybe further able to guide you in the best way on how to process and submit a completed application package meaning there remain no clue for any errors in your application, as incomplete applications are one of the main reasons of application and visa refusals in Australia.

Also, we would like to point out another issue here is that in order to convert your visa status and in this case, from Temporary Graduate Visa sub-class 485 to a student visa again, the most crucial element is to satisfy the visa case processing officer in this regard. The more comprehensive, complete and thoroughly well prepared your case application will be, the more odds in your favor to be successfully processed your case.

An applicant, and in this case an international student must have to satisfy a visa officer that he/she will leave the country once their program is over and do not wish to reside for periods longer than that. Also, it even does not matter at greatest that if a student has previously studied a Master’s program that they will have to study at the same level or higher level education program, for this matter it does not matter. For instance, if you have done a bachelor’s program so after the completion of the Temporary Graduate Visa, you can apply even for a Diploma program and vice versa, pertaining to the condition that the student must satisfy the visa officer in credibility of the application.


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