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April 16, 2021by Vision Consultants

How To Avoid Australian Visa Refusal ?

Avoiding some big blunders while filing your Australian visa is the key while applying to your Australian visa file. Some of the mistakes are avoidable in this stance and are based on the human error. Australia, one of the most popular destinations for international students, remains a highly sought after country around the world. And what better way to get the desired visa in the country that you wish to spend the life on.
In this regard, filing an application to the best of the ability, is quite a daunting task and is not something that can be done by everyone on a personal basis. Employing the services of MARA registered Australian Migration agents is quite important task and therefore to file your visa application it is quite important that the application is filed by a consultant who knows their job and years of expertise in case some unfortunate thing arise.

Providing invalid and incomplete information:

The biggest mistake one can make is not providing complete information in your application. Failure to provide complete information to the visa officer and not attaching all the relevant documents to the case processing officer can be one of the biggest blunders one can make. Just make sure that you bring in and attach all the required information that is true pertaining to the case file.

Falsifying facts and misleading information:

Visa officers are quite sharp and highly experienced in their job and they process hundreds of applications in their job duties, therefore it is very hard to mislead them by providing fake information and misleading facts. For instance, if you do not have relevant work experience in number of years and provide wrong experience letter, then this will badly affect your case processing. Therefore, take it as your responsibility in providing true and genuine information pertaining to your case.

Unable to satisfy the case officer:

There are a number of way by which you have to satisfy the case officer in terms of funds requirement, bank statements, study completion proof, IELTS and PTE language testing results and so and so forth and therefore the onus lies on the applicant that he or she must satisfy the case processing officer with due regard. For example, if an applicant fails to show enough funds in their statement this may lead to a rejection. Terms considering liquid and non-liquid assets for the case file and others need to be dealt with complacency

In the end we would like to mention that it is always of utmost importance that you hire the services of trusted education and migration agents in Melbourne for the processing of your case file because they have the expertise and knowledge in terms of what documents need to be submitted and what pre-requisites need to be met in order for smooth case processing.


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