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BlogAdvicesConsultationApplying for 485 Visa in 2021? Here’s your complete guide to Australian Temporary Graduate Visa

Each year thousands of international students’ head to Australia from their home countries in pursuit of the better educational standards that the Australian education institutes have to offer them, the quality of life that they want to experience and above all enjoying the perks of living in a first world developed country like Australia. After the completion of their degree program from their respective colleges and universities, they take the obvious step, and it is to apply for the coveted Australian Temporary Graduate Visa (sib-class-485).

What is an Australian Temporary Graduate Visa & How to Apply for 485 visa in 2021?

The Australian Temporary Graduate Visa is a sub-class 485 visa type that lets the international students who are on the sub-class 500 student visa in Australia to stay and work in Australia legally. This visa grants them permission to live and get employment in Australia after the completion of their degree program. So in a way, those graduates and post-graduates who have a knack for gaining full-time valuable work experience in the Australian job market and want to experience the Australian work life practically, it is ideally suited for them.

Are there any types of this visa?

There are two main types of the Australian Temporary Graduate Visa scheme. One is the Graduate Work Stream and the other one is the post-study visa. What is the Graduate Work Stream? It is for those who have completed a 2-year diploma program from a recognized institute in Australia. It is also pertinent to apply for this visa stream that you should have completed the diploma program in the Skilled Occupation List. The lists contain the short and medium term strategic occupations list. The period of stay for this visa is 18 months so you can stay, live and work in Australia for a period of 18 months.

The second stream of this visa category is the post study work stream and also it is one of the most popular post study visa streams in Australia. So if you are an international student who has recently completed their full-time studies in Australia then they are eligible for this visa category. Either you have done undergraduate, post-graduate or doctoral degree programs in Australia, you are eligible for this visa stream and it is valid for a period of 24 months.

These both of the streams can be applied from within the Australia, while either you are holding the student visa or the bridging visa, but given the current Covid-19 situation in Australia and havoc that it has wreaked, the government has issued certain guidelines related to it.

As for the processing times of the temporary graduate visa, currently there have been some delays in the overall processing guidelines with many of those Australian students who had completed their degrees last year and went home for vacation, they have been unable to return on this visa due to the corona virus. However, the standard timeline for the processing of this visa ranges from 5 to 6 months. It is highly important to note here that providing of correct information at the time of visa lodging is mandatory for this visa and you have to consult a genuine and expert 485 visa consultant before applying for this visa who can provide you updated and right information, which you can depend upon.


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