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According to the recent reports, Australia recorded a large number of Partner Visa applications and these record number of applications are a testament to Australia’s commitment in facilitating those who are away from their families for a long period and thus want to re-unite with their loved ones. When talking about the Australia Partner visa, we have discussed in detail the different types of Australian partner visa and how its right way of lodging application can either way make or break your case. Now coming to the eligibility for this visa find below the discussion.

Mandatory Requirements for the Australian Partner Visa – A Definitive Guide to Right Application :

When discussing the requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible for the Australian Partner Visa, there are certain ones which are mentioned below:

  • Both of the partners must not be inflicted in any criminal activities, especially any ongoing proceedings in this regard. For this very purpose, it is vital that you both get the character certificate.
  • Another point of criteria is passing of the health criteria.
  • Both of the partners are in a genuine relationship on a permanent basis. This might be cross checked in the form of previous interaction’s and so on to make sure the partnership is a genuine one and not a dubious one to gain access to Australian PR.
  • The minimum criteria for the time period for Australian partner visa is that both of the partners are together for at least a period of no less than 12 months.

Above mentioned were some of the basic requirements for the Australian partner visa. Besides these there are others which need to be met and those also depend on each individual case basis.

Evidence of documents to apply for Australian partner visa :

When talking about the documents for the Australian Partner Visa, it is eminent that for each of the designated category, the applicant should provide relevant documents. For instances for the documents pertaining to the genuinely of your relationship, you would be asked to provide email correspondence, utility bills including electricity and phone. Besides these, you may also be asked to provide photographs of main events, marriage certificates, invitation cards of your marriage, proof of travel (if any) among others. When talking about the financial documents it is imperative that you provide joint bank account details, any loans or mortgages that you jointly co-signed or any other assets that you both hold the custody of together. For the de-facto partner, it may become a bit tricky and would depend on your individual case that how you want to prove your relationship either in the form of a detailed statement describing the nature of your relationship or through images of your throughout the years’ relationship.

Next we want to discuss here is that why at all apply for Australian partner visa instead of the normal visit visa with which your partner or spouse can simply visit you to Australia. The main benefit of the Australian Partner visa is that first your partner can get employed in Australia. So that means they can work in Australia and may be eligible for Australian PR provided they meet certain eligibility and time period requirements. So therefore, if you need a customized case based advice on your partner visa application then it is best to consult a migration visa expert to give you information that is needed for your case.


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