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Australia being the hot-spot of international migrants from around the world attracts the largest number of skilled talent from around the world. These international migrants not only settle themselves in Australia but also actively look for ways to bring their beloved family members here as well so that they could re-unite with their loved ones. Partner visa and parent visa are also one such extension to these visa schemes that the Australian government has to offer to these skilled migrants.

Ways to Get Parent Visa sub-class 103

With parent visa, a permanent resident or Australian citizen can call their parents in Australia to live with them provided they meet certain guidelines by the governments and also they have a said income threshold at the time of application. Talking about the much coveted parent visa sub-class 103, this visa category allows parents of those Australian residents who are permanently settled in Australia to live with them. However, there are certain requirements of this visa regime including;

  • The sponsoring person has to be the age of 18 or above at the time of application of this visa.
  • Another important factor to note here is that the time period that the sponsoring child has spent in Australia also counts a great deal for this visa application.
  • The sponsor and applicant must show and pass certain health and character levels.

However, as every could does not have a silver lining, therefore the processing times for this visa type can be really long, so if you are a patient bug, then this might be the right visa category for you. Now let us discuss about the benefits of the Australian parent visa and what it has to offer:

  1. The parent, if they want can study in Australia and gain valuable skills.
  2. The parents can work in Australia and take part in active employment while being on this visa category. This is particularly very important for those parents who want to get a purpose of life in the advanced ages, so they can work in their chosen professions.
  3. They have access to the social security perks that Australia has to offer and is renowned for all around the world, therefore they can also avail healthcare facilities.

Passing the Balance of family test is also another milestone that the parents must have to achieve while applying for the Australian parent visa category. The balance of family test implies here is that it measures the family ties to Australia regarding the family. This test is simply the average weightage that how many of your children live within Australia. So for instance to be able to pass this text half of the children must be living in Australia or greater number of your children live in Australia then they reside in any other country at the time of application.

To sum it all up, parent visa is surely a blessing for those children who are currently 18 and above and are permanently settled in Australia and want to bring their parents here. So if you are looking for information on this visa scheme or any other visa purposes then it is best to look for reliable education consultants Melbourne who can guide you in detail about the intricacies of visas and their procedures.


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