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April 24, 2019by Vision Consultants

Nursing jobs are in highly demand in Australia and it is evident by the number of job vacancies posted with regards to nursing, be it old age, ICU or child care nurses. It is one of the most in-demand professions in Australia and this can be evident from the skilled occupation lists (medium, short and long term all inclusive) that how much the nursing occupation is in need. The main reason behind this continuous need is that Australia has one of the world’s largest ratio of aging population. The elderly population is lonely and have no attendants’ majority of the times and therefore there is no one to look after them. International aspirants who are looking forward to settle in Australia after the completion of their degrees may find nursing as quite a lucrative occupation in terms of job prospects.

If you are already a registered nurse in your home country and have migrated recently or you are currently studying nursing in Australia, these pointers will be of immense importance for you !

Nursing Requirements and Related Queries :
I have one year of experience in nursing, will it be enough to work in Australia?

The answer to this is rational and depends on the type of nursing occupation that you’re in. For instance, for non-specialty care nurses yes it would be enough. But if you are talking about critical care like patients in I.C.U etc. and operative fields, that you need a minimum of 2 years’ work experience to practice.

What would happen when my one-year working holiday visa is about to finish?

In this scenario, this best option would be to get an Australian employer sponsorship to further your stay in the country. Alternatively, some states also offer a one year extension to do work in rural areas of Australia. Your best bet would be to find such sponsor who is willing to sponsor and there are many hospitals who provide long-term agreements.

I am a working registered nurse, for how many hours a day I can undertake work?

Australian clinics and hospitals have a very strict safety and health hazard concern. Since in nursing occupation patient’s health is at your disposal therefore it is very imperative that nurses take proper rest and sleep and work required hours only. As of now, 60 hours per week is the maximum cap limit for working nurses.

I need some details about the remuneration process?

As previously mentioned, nursing in Australia is one the most in-demand occupations in Australia. And also health related occupations are usually high paying in Australia. Every state has its own compensation and benefits structure.

What is the minimum English language requirement for nursing in Australia?

It is not uniform and there is no set structure or band score for this. Again every institute that you are admitting into and every state has their required set of guidelines that you have to meet. But let’s say, for Diploma of Nursing, you an overall band of 6.0 and also individual component should also be no less than 6.0. For bachelor of nursing, the band requirement is higher with 6.5 overall.

This was a detailed analysis of nursing career prospects, guidelines and entry requirements in Australia. Applicants, current or prospective must seek professional help in due course to get the best out of it.

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