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BlogInternational Students Are Important for Australian Economy and Universities Or Not ?

April 27, 2021by Vision Consultants

Australia has been the top focus of international students and high class temporary and permanent workers over the decades. In recent years, international students have held Australia as the top destination for their perusals and to vitalize and secure their future. Australia has been the hotspot of international students and temporary workers for a number of reasons including:

  • High job prospects in terms of income potential
  • Good settlement prospects after work and studies
  • Multi-cultural environment
  • Vibrant and high involvement society and prospects
  • Better climate

Let’s talk about statistics:

Since 2009, after the Australian government and the department of Home Affairs revamped the whole Australian visa and immigration scheme, this has given way to uncapping of the ceiling for domestic student places. It should also be noted that in 2017, there were certain stringent policies that came into effect in force of the new administration. In short it can be termed as that the Australian universities earn a great deal of revenue from international students who are mainly coming from Asian countries including China, Philippines, India, Pakistan and other south east Asian countries thus increasing the total revenue of the universities in terms of fee collection by over 45%.

However, it should be noted that from the past few years, there has been a slump in the number of overall invites by Australian government towards issuing PR draws for certain occupations in terms of higher draw points and lesser and lesser places available. This has slumped down interest of students towards Australia. Another factor that should be take consideration is that due to the current Coronavirus and the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused a greater deal of havoc among countries, the government is now inviting lesser and lesser people for visa applications and also due to the border closures in effect, thousands of international students, their partners and temporary workers are stranded outside Australia waiting to enter Australia and that number of stranded people has crossed in excess of 150,000 plus in recent times which is quite uncertain for Australian universities.

If you are an of those who is stranded outside of Australia despite having a valid visa in your hands, someone whose partner is stranded due to the ongoing visa crisis or an international student who wants to apply for student visa in Australia at your preferred university and course, it is always advisable to seek Australian immigration advise from a registered consultant who can provide effective and true information pertaining to your case.


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