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BlogThe Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program – Fast Track to Australian PR

April 26, 2021by Vision Consultants

The new talent visa program which has been introduced by the Australian government some time ago, The Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program or as it is also referred to as The Global Talent Visa Program is a visa category for those high skilled professionals who have an expertise in their field of study which would prove to be worthwhile in the foreseeable future.

It is kind of a streamlined visa category that has considerably lower processing times, is fast track and is highly relevant in attracting world class highly skilled professionals in their respective domains to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. Over the years, many young talents around the globe have been looking forward and eyeing to make Australia their future home so as to live and work there but due to the stringent visa criteria for the Australian PR and the resulting sluggish processing times and the decreasing number of invitations being issued by the Australian government for draws, it became quite a difficult process to attain Australian PR.

This program lets the brightest, most highly skilled and future focused talents and professionals around the world to apply and get their GTI visa. It should be noted that during the year 2020 – 2021 an excess of 15000 slots have been reserved for this visa category. The Global Talent Independent Visa Hunt officers, who are looking to increase business ties of Australia and to scrape the best talent around the world, have their centers in top economies of the world including Shanghai, Singapore, Washington DC, USA and London, UK. But due to the recent changes havocked by the Covid-19 it has been difficult to fill in the required places and find the top talent around the world.

Some main features of this highly coveted visa program by the Australian government are that the Global Visa Talent Program is one of the fastest and less time consuming programs out there if you are looking to relocate to Australia as PR. Another main highlight is that the visa processing times are extremely fast for this visa category with average time ranging from a mind boggling just one week to one month, which is a big feat in its own regards isn’t it? Another factor to be noted here that unlike the Graduate visa streams or others that allow top talent to live and work in Australia for only a limited period of time temporarily, this GTI visa category lets you live in Australia on permanent basis.

But one immigration advisor noted that one should not be lured in by the all good factors of this Global Talent Independent visa program as the conditions for this are highly stringent and there are very high requirements and conditions that need to be met by the aspiring applicants in terms of processing and eligibility.

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