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BlogConsultationHave you recently completed a course in Australia? Read about Subclass 485

Here’s a scenario that is pretty much extremely common, suppose you are an international student who has come to Australia to study the field of subject they are most passionate about for instance a degree in IT, and you have recently completed your degree program with flying colors. Now what would be, organically, the most strategic step for you as a recently graduated student? To stay in Australia, like almost majority of the international students do right? So next question here that arises is that how would you be able to.

Well we must have all heard about the highly coveted Australia Post- Study Work Stream that allows its holders to live and work in Australia for a certain stipulated time. To conclude this in detail, this Subclass 485 visa category lets those international students live and work in Australia for a period of 18 months to 2 years (Depending on how long their actual study program was).

What are requirement to be applying for this Subclass 485 visa category?

The requirements may not seem to be as stringent as other Australia visa categories which are mostly invitation based only as we can witness in the scenario of independent 189 visa or regionally sponsored visa 190 stream. Those international students who have completed their course of study can apply for this visa provided that they are:

  • Be of at least 18 years of age at the time of application or not any older than 50 years of age at the time of this visa’s application lodging
  • They must meet the general immigration’s basic criteria including the ability to decipher English language
  • Be in sound health and for that they may need a health certificate and same goes out for their character proof during their time in Australia
  • Another requirement that has to be met is that they must have graduated from a recognized institution and not from some dubious institute
  • Their course program which they have completed falls in the Cricos registered programs


Benefits of this visa category:

There are many benefits to this visa category and for this reason the majority of students who come to Australia for study purposes opt for this visa category. Firstly, after giving in huge sums of money in Australia institute’s tuition fees, applicants see that this is the ideal time to earn income. Secondly, as many of you know that while being on student visa, students are only allowed to work a 20 hours weekly. So in order to gain a whole lot of practical experience they would now be able to gain valuable Australian experience that will add credibility to their resume. Third most important aspect is this that many students who have completed their undergraduate program in Australia, they after gaining valuable experience under visa Subclass 485 category apply for another course say for instance Master or post graduate degree program to further up their skills.

It is therefore pertinent to say here that visa Subclass 485 is an integral part for international students looking to study in Australia and if you too would like to apply for visa 485 while being in Australia, then quickly now is the perfect time to consult a visa subclass 500 agent Melbourne so that they may be able to guide you further in this aspect.


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