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Australia, being the most coveted land, has one of the highest number of footfalls when it comes to international students and international temporary workers, who come to Australia with the dreams of making it big and to also settle down in this land of serene and beauty. But, to add to this, we may also want to add to this point that majority of those who come to Australia wish to settle down and by all means try to get their Permanent Residence in Australia. Majority of them do succeed in their plans and after that the very next organic step for them is to apply for the partner visa and finally re-unite with their de-facto partner or spouse in Australia.

Australian government has certain rules and regulations when it comes to partner visa applications and have charted out a pretty much elaborate framework for permanent residents of Australia so that they may call their partners and live with them. Out of the many visa categories, one such category is the Australia partner visasubclass 820.

What is a Subclass 820?

Well to give an overview of this much coveted visa type, visa subclass 820 is for those Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents who wish to temporarily call their spouse in Australia. In other words, this visa category is also one of the basic and foremost steps for partners of permanently settled Australians in their journey towards PR. The next question that arise here is that how much will be stay with this visa category? Well the answer to this is this visa lets you stay for a period of a temporary period of time and in other words, as discussed above, acts as a bridge while you apply for and wait for your ultimate Australian Partner Visa – A Definitive Guide to Right Application ( for partners that subclass 801. So subclass 801 partner visa and subclass 820 partner visa go hand in hand.

How much will subclass 820 visa cost me?

According to the Home Affairs website, the latest figures listed on the website are the cost for applying for this visa ranges from AUD 7,715. However, as the Australian Home Affairs website notes that the applicant has to pay for both subclass 820 and subclass 801 subclasses at the same time.


How exactly has Covid-19 impacted this visa category?

One of the most asked about and most prevalent question these days that bugs the Australian visa applicants these days is how has the Corona virus pandemic impacted and affected the feasibility and processing times of this visa category. There is no definitive answer to this question as you have to follow and take advise according to your personal circumstances from a recognized and expert MARA registered Australian partner visa consultant who may be able to guide you in detail.

What will this sub-class allow me to do in Australia?

As far as the benefits of subclass 820 visa is concerned, this visa category lets you stay and remain in Australia temporarily until you await a final decision on your visa 801 permanent partner visa. However, you can work in Australia as well as study in Australia to further boost up your skills while you are a holder of this visa category.


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