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BlogAdvicesWant to Continue Your Studies After Course Completion? Here’s a Complete Guide!

In the majority of the cases, those who study in Australia, either in any degree program including undergraduate or post-graduate or complete a diploma program, they go on to apply for the coveted Temporary Graduate Visa (visa 485) after the course completion that allows them to live and work in Australia for a period from 18 months to 2 years, depending on the number of years their respective course was. And then they go on to find suitable employment in the preferred career section. But, there are some students who want to excel in their craft and would want to gain back to back degree programs either in the same field or in a different field altogether.

Here’s How you Continue Your studies after course completion:

For instance, if someone has completed a Certificate III in automotive in Light Vehicle Maintenance then they may also go on to study for Certificate IV in automotive to further up their skills. Or in another scenario, let us talk about suppose you are a student who student Accounting as an undergraduate student in Australia then chances are high that you want to further boost up your skill set by going for a Master’s program in accounting to complete the postgraduate degree program in Australia. If this is the case, then there are certain checklist-based points that we have laid down for you that you need to follow and adhere to in order to remain on the safer side of visa processing timelines.

Let us also make sure to discuss here that before applying for any new visa program or extension of your current visa program, it is highly important that you have a viable copy of your passport that should not be expiring anytime soon when applying for the visa.

The CoE:

The Confirmation of Enrollment is a document provided by your course provider or institute with whom you have enrolled for a particular course. The confirmation of enrollment is a must if you are looking to extend your visa and want to continue with your studies in Australia for another course or degree program. There are two respective scenarios in this case too; the first one being that you continue to study in the same institute as you have previously done so or the other scenario is that due to any other reason, say for example you were not satisfied with your course provider and would want to change now, so now in that case you would have to apply and get enrollment letter from that new institute.

The Health Insurance:

In Australia, the prevalent health insurance for students is called the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) and this provides them a cover that if due to any foreseeable circumstances, they get sick and ill, then with this cover they can claim insurance. So showing a relevant and active health insurance policy document is a must to visa authorities when applying for the new course.

Applying for the Visa:

Then comes the main part of applying for the visa. Along with your letter of enrollment, funds’ proof, health and character certificates and health insurance policy in hand, you may want to apply for the visa under new course and may be new course provider. There are certain documents that are in addition to the listed above including birth certificates, passport, and ID proofs. It is imperative that at this stage many students who are looking for visa agents in Melbourne they get lured into applying for visa on their own but it may be a mistake for them as taking the services of registered MARA consultants is important as they can pinpoint any missing document or flaw in your application to save you from possible rejection therein.


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