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BlogCOVID-19 affects Australian Visas

April 10, 2020by Vision Consultants
Australian Visas and current travel restrictions in coronavirus
Travel Constraints:

The restraining orders on traveling have affected the Australian visas holders excluding the citizens of Australia and their proximate family members. The proximate members can be:

Parents or legal guardians
Spouse (s)
An individual blood relative

And this is subjected to some conditions, you must have a visa with no restraints to travel and on reaching the country, you have to quarantine yourself at your place of stay. It is better to avoid traveling until the department of home affairs releases any order to liberate the travel.

If you are planning to apply for an Australian visa and searching for complete requirements and traveling conditions, you may contact our expert counselors or migration agents. They are available online to guide you in your all related questions regarding visas.

Imminent partner visa application and travel limitations

If you are outside Australia and awaiting a response on your visa application of either subclass 820, 309 and prospective marriage then you are also required to seek permission to travel to Australia. New Zealand Citizens, who have acquired Australian citizenship or residency are exempted from restraining orders. However, everyone has to strictly comprehend the rule to quarantine themselves for at least two weeks.

Extended working hours for Student visa holders
  • The Australian government has decided to extend working hours for international students working in supermarkets as the demand of fundamental goods has increased in supermarkets.
  • International students are only allowed to work part-time i.e. 20 hours per week during their studies however they are allowed to work full time on scheduled holidays.
  • This flexibility is only applicable to current employees in major supermarkets like Cole and Woolworths
  • This policy will help international students to work more and study at the same time in this demanding situation.
  • Except from the supermarkets all other employers are bound to comply with the standard rules set by DHA
Visa holders with No further staying restrictions:

If you hold an Australian visa and it has any of the 8503, 8534 and 8535 conditions, it means that you are not allowed to apply for another temporary and permanent visa except a protection visa or a temporary visa of a specified kind on your current visa. However, if you leave Australia then this condition lifts automatically. And if you need to travel on such conditions then you have to make a request.

Travelling Impeded in Australia:

The permanent residents and citizens of Australia traveling back from countries like China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea are not allowed to enter immediately in the country. They have to isolate themselves for at least 2 weeks after their departure. This whole condition also applies to their family members traveling with them.

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