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Student Visa Extension? 

If you are studying in Australia and unable to meet your course ending dates for any reason and need Visa Extension, then Vision Consultants suggest you read this whole article to save your time and avoid any visa issues

Consider deadlines and reasons

At first, you must have a compelling reason to extend your visa and you must hold a valid student visa. The need for visa extension can be due to the following reasons:

  • Unable to complete your study on time
  • Your research thesis evaluation time
  • Commencing a new course of study

All of the above main reasons require you to explain the legitimacy of your decision however, you must have at least 6 to 8 weeks or minimum a month before you apply for visa renewal.


Your location

If you are onshore and applying for Visa extension, then you may be entitled to a bridging visa A or BVA to remain lawfully in Australia till your visa application outcome.

But if you are offshore, it will take standard time to process international applications and you may have to wait for three months.
Once you mull over the above points, you can follow these simple steps for the visa extension.

Step 1: Get a COE 

Being an international student you are bound to complete your course on time as written in your offer letter. You might not be able to finish your course on time due to your personal circumstances. Vision Consultants can help you whether it is your course deferment, a new course enrollment, or an intervention strategy. You can get Vision’s assistance to secure a new Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE).

Step 2: Renew your OSHC

Since you defer your course or apply for a new course, you must require an extended OSHC-Extend or buy your Australian Overseas Student Health Cover according to the dates of your new COE or more precisely a month later of your COE end date.

Step 3: Preparing Documents

On securing a COE and OSHC, you can now prepare your documents to lodge an application. Depending on your situation you need to customize the list of required documents. You can arrange your set of documents using the Document Checklist Tool. For a detailed discussion and complete understanding of required documents or financial guidelines contact our friendly counselors at Vision Consultants Australia

Step 4: Apply now with Vision consultants

After gathering your documents you can now apply online on the website of DHA or Vision Consultants Australia can assist you for this whole process.


After you apply

Once you lodge your application you will receive an acknowledgment letter from The Department of Home Affairs. Also, if you are an onshore student you will receive a copy of a bridging visa. Regularly check your ImmiAccount for any required actions while your application is under-assessment.

Remember to Check:
  • Health Assessment Tab of your Immi Account, this may be required when yours or any dependents’ visa medical exam are older than 12 months.
  • Check your email regularly for any correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs for application status. Also, respond to them timely, to ensure smooth processing of your application.


You may also need to provide additional financial evidence or biometrics. Consult Vision Consultants Australia for any difficulty.

Are you looking for AAT legal services? We have got you covered. Vision Consultants Australia is here to support you! Contact our education consultants today for change course Australia.