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BlogBring your Family to Australia – A Guide to Student Dependent Visa (500)

September 3, 2018by Vision Consultants

Every year, Australia welcomes temporary residents and new immigrants, who land here in search for better prospects, employability and education. They flock to this nation for a myriad of opportunities in terms of personal development and study opportunities. It should also be noted that moving abroad is a difficult and rather challenging experience for many. Especially, if you are making this move as a student, than it can be extremely tough and depressing for you and your family members including children and spouse. Many of the students feel homesick once they land in Australia, and there are even counselling sessions for such students.

However, keeping in view the emotional bonds attached with separation, the Australian government offers a good solution. Through Student Dependent Visa (Visa 500), students can bring their loved ones to Australia. It should be noted that student dependent visa is not an individual visa in its own course, but it is a same subclass of student visa.

An international student with a student visa of 12 months or longer is allowed to bring in their family members, spouses and their kids of less than 18 years who are dependent on them.

Requirements for Partner/Spouse:

In order to be granted the dependent visa, he/she must be your spouse (in a legal documented married relationship) or de-facto partner (that includes same sex couples). However, it should be noted that for de-facto partners that they should be living for at least 12 months and the relationship must be genuine.

Requirements for dependent children:

The main requirement for dependent children is that they must be your children or your spouse’s children. The incumbent child must not be married or engaged to be married or in a de-facto relationship. Also the most important requisite is that the child must not be over 18 years of age.

Talking about the student dependent visa, let us highlight another possibility that if a person is including their family members in their original student visa application, then you must include all your family members on the original Form 157A.

However, if a person is applying for family members to join him after they have started their course in Australia than he/she must have to submit the following document:

    1. Form 919(Nomination of student dependents)


  1. From 157A (Application for a student visa)

An original letter from the education provider stating:
The course you are studying
The duration of the course and the expected date of completion
If you are satisfying all course requirements
Evidence to prove your relationship with your dependent in the form of legitimately issued birth certificates or marriage certificates
Evidence of having enough funds to support your dependents in Australia
Evidence of school enrolment for your school-aged dependents
Evidence of health insurance for each dependent


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