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BlogAustralia – Regional Skilled Migration Applicants to Get Priority in Visa Processing

October 16, 2018by Vision Consultants–-Regional-Skilled-Migration-Applicants.jpg

In a recent push in order to settle more and more migrants in the regional areas of Australia, the government announced just last week that they consider giving regional skilled migration applications a priority. It is a bid that further indicates that major cities of Australia like Melbourne and Sydney have gone over populated and thus may be near to the point of saturation in terms of employment opportunities and congestion within the big metropolis cities.

Also, the federal government unveiled a plan that called for settlement of new immigrants in regional areas for up to five years after their arrival in Australia. There had been several speculations on this matter thus far but finally the plan got unveiled. This comes in reflection of the figures released by the Department of Home Affairs that showed that 87% of the new immigrants are settling in Sydney and Melbourne.

Under this scheme, the newly arrived immigrants will be asked to settle in Australian regional areas that are right now struggling with low population and other capital cities outside the Victorian region. Many immigration experts are suggesting that the main reason behind this new law could be that once an immigrants has spent around five years the regional areas, they are most likely to continue with their stay after having work, family and social ties with the region. On the other hand, migrants may also face certain problems that include not many job opportunities in those remote and regional areas as well as not enough development as compared to the metropolis areas.

However, this new strategy to be implemented does not account for and includes the international students in Australia that are said to around 40,000 currently and have witnessed a drastic increase in foreign students’ inflow in the country.

On the other hand, we can also see that if the government’s policy of implementing and processing the regional migration applications more quickly comes into fruition, we can also see that occupations added to the current regional occupations list that currently are in demand in the regional areas.

This may also be a triggering factor in making the 489 skilled occupations list more thorough while the number of current invitations in the regional migration visa types might also see an upward trend as the government is looking forward to an increased number of immigrants settled in those areas. The current full list of 489 occupations are as follows:

  • horse breeder
  • public relations manager
  • policy and planning manager
  • project builder
  • procurement manager
  • medical administrator
  • regional education manager
  • sports administrator
  • caravan park and camping ground manager
  • post office manager
  • amusement center manager
  • fitness center manager
  • sports center manager
  • cinema or theatre manager
  • financial institution branch manager
  • human resource adviser
  • workplace relations adviser
  • policy analyst
  • liaison officer
  • market research analyst
  • aero plane pilot
  • flying instructor
  • helicopter pilot
  • ship’s master
  • multimedia designer
  • wine maker
  • conservation officer
  • exercise physiologist
  • vocational education teacher
  • environmental health officer
  • intellectual property lawyer
  • translator
  • community arts worker
  • agricultural technician
  • operating theatre technician
  • pathology collector
  • construction estimator
  • surveying or spatial science technician
  • mechanical engineering drafts-person
  • safety inspector
  • maintenance planner
  • building and engineering technicians
  • vehicle painter
  • floor finisher
  • electrical lines worker
  • zookeeper
  • nursery-person
  • gas or petroleum operator
  • dental hygienist
  • dental therapist
  • emergency service worker
  • driving instructor
  • funeral workers (nec)
  • flight attendant
  • first aid trainer
  • jockey
  • clinical coder
  • property manager
  • real estate representative

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