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BlogAustralia Jobs 2018 Report Unveils Most In – Demand Occupations in Australia

Australia has now surely become the burgeoning hub of immigrants and prospective applicants who want to settle in this continent. Australia offers some of best business opportunities, ever growing job market that provides equal opportunities far and wide to inhabitants from all walks of life and beautiful scenic environment that consist of picturesque and breathtaking country side views. Apart from this, in order to meet its ever growing demand to fill the job market gap, Australian Department of Home Affairs is actively looking for ways to invite new immigrants that are skilled tradesmen and have professional expertise and competence in their fields.

Recently, the most in demand jobs in Australia have also been revealed, along with the qualifications and expertise needed for that. According to the recent report, the most sought after occupation is not that most of us would anticipate but rather a back end job and that is, the chef. Culinary experts and professionals of the hospitality industry are highly sought after in the Australian job market.

Followed by this, occupations in the retail industry, construction and accommodation have followed the suits from therein. The report illustrates that around 11,000 jobs are expected to open up for chefs and other culinary related occupations, and this is expected to be in the next four years.

The Australian Jobs 2018 report further highlights that the labor market conditions were pumped up, showing great economic indicators with an employment margin to be expected to rise to 403300 as compared to last year to January.

Besides showing the hardcore figures and facts regarding the employment industry traits, the report also draws out certain traits and soft skills that are vital for an individual in gaining the preferred employment in their area. These comprise of team work, communication skills, great inter personal skills and hardworking professionals.

Furthermore, the report also notes that the pivot trends that are reflected from the study are that young workers were thriving in industries such as retails (386,000), construction (175000) and food services (385000).it is expected that more and more jobs will be added in the Australian economy and this will have a trickledown effect on other professions and fields including health care, engineering, nursing and Information Technology.

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