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BlogAustralian Capital Territory (ACT) Government to Review its Visa Program

For the years, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has been able to sponsor prospective immigrants and applicants who want to settle in Australia to apply for permanent residency. However, reflective to the various speculations, finally it was confirmed yesterday that the ACT government has decided to review its visa program and how it administers its comprehensive nomination policy. The ACT government will review the way it runs its immigration policy and visa program in the wake of a recent hike of prospective immigrant applications who want to settle in ACT. The main goal of these new settlers is to gain the sponsorship/nomination points so that there points can be increased while filing for their permanent residency applicant.

It is however to be noted that the ACT government weighs various applications of potential immigrants through various set procedures, standards and frameworks and they have to meet certain eligibility requirements including that of education, work experience and language bands. Until last month, the criteria in the ACT included people who didn’t have an in-demand occupation, but could prove a commitment to the territory in other ways, including by living in Canberra for 12 months or more and studying at a local institution.

Owing to the prospect of gaining a nomination from the ACT government, hundreds of international students had enrolled in various institutes, colleges and universities there in a hope to increase their final points while filing their PR application. In response to tighter amendments by the ACT government, many students have dropped out of the ACT institutions in recent times. It is because of the fact that they fear that at the completion of their degree, there would be no guarantee that whether they would receive nomination for PR application or not.

Pertaining to the recent tougher measures by the Department of Home Affairs, it is also speculated that ACT may follow the suit of other territories like Tasmania which has made the job experience in related field requirement mandatory. It is important to note here that in the financial year 2017 – 2018, about 1140 applications for visas were processed by ACT government.


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