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With the latest Covid-19 pandemic and the havocs that it has created, more and more interest is being generated in the types and different categories of Australian visa. The Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa or as it is also referred to as TSS visa is a visa of subclass 482. From the Home Affairs website, it can be quoted that:

“This temporary visa lets an employer sponsor a suitably skilled worker to fill a position they can’t find a suitably skilled Australian to fill.”
It should also be noted that there are basically 3 main types of TSS visa namely, short term stream (this stream allows employers to act upon the labor shortages in the different parts of Australia by hiring international skilled labor who can work in Australia. Also for this type, your occupation needs to be in the short term skilled occupations list), then comes the Medium-term stream (this stream enables international workers to work in Australia up to a time period of 4 years and allows employers to hire international skilled talent to address the local market labor shortages that they are facing. Also it should be noted that for this type your occupation needs to be in Medium and Long term strategic skills list), and then the last type is the Labor Agreement Stream (for this the said employer must be in agreement with the Australian government and have a labor agreement in effect).

Facts to be known Before Applying for Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

Coming to the top points that one must keep in consideration while or before applying for Temporary Skills Shortage Visa/TSS visa include:

  1. Checking whether your occupation is in the Skilled occupations lists

    is quite important in this regard. Australian Department of Home Affairs churns out consolidated occupations lists that are there keeping in view the local labor shortages including short term and medium term occupations lists. So checking whether your said profession is in the consolidated skilled occupations lists is of utmost importance.

  2. The costs incurred also need

    to be taken into consideration while applying before or during the process of applying for TSS visa as it is always feasible to have handy budget in your hands. For instance, the employers who are planning for sponsoring overseas workers must pay a training contribution charge also known as the Skilling Australians Fund.

  3. The employers must also be doing a Labor Market Testing (LMT)

    which generally means that they have to advertise the said vacancy in Australia before they could hire someone internationally to show that they are giving priority to local talent before.

  4. Finding the right employer

    who is wishing and willing to sponsor you, as an international highly skilled applicant and who is also willing to do over all the paper work involved in applying for the process. This includes but not limited to; getting an employer nomination after finding the right employer, lodging of the application, employer meeting the minimum income threshold guidelines among many.


If you are looking for said advise discussed above in detail and with proper customization according to your case, then it is always advisable to take services of a MARA registered Australian migration agent so as to lodge your application in the best possible way and to avoid any underlying errors therein in this regard.


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