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BlogWant to migrate to Australia but stuck with low PR points? Boost up to 5 points with these PR pathways to Australia!

Immigrating to Australia may be the utmost goal of many of you. And why not, Australia is home to some of the most breathtaking scenarios, scenic views, wildlife, greater job opportunities and a truly diverse and multi-cultural society that boosts a strong sense of community. Surely, it is rightly mentioned as the land of opportunities.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, no matter you are currently present there or are outside of the country, it is essential for an applicant to rightly and efficiently lodge their application process so as to avoid any further hindrance in their application process. In Australia, as you might be aware, there is a point’s tested stream also known as the Express Entry system that calculates the points scored by candidates against each other and those having the highest cut off scores, are then invited to apply for PR.

It should also be noted that Australian PR is nowadays becoming more and tougher and acquiring it is not beating about the bush. In fact the point’s criteria is rising every year. For instance, in the past, the cut off score for express entry invitation used to be 60 points and though the eligibility is still 60, but the invites these days are coming for 75 – 80 point scorers.

In such scenario, it is imperative for an applicant to look for ways in which they can boost their points. Some of the ways are:

English Language Skills (IELTS/PTE):
Great weightage is given to English language in the overall PR process. It is because of the reason that those having competent English language skills find it relatively easy to settle in Australia and there are no language barriers. The terms of IELTS requirements are in this order:
If you score 7 bands in IELTS than you would score 10 points.
And if you score 8 overall band in IELTS than you would score 20 points.
It can be imminent that how by increasing bands, one can easily boost their PR application points.

Professional year:
Some of our reader might have heard about professional year. It is a one year program that is taken up by students who have graduated recently in their respective fields. These fields include engineering, IT and accounting. So students and graduates who enroll and complete a professional year may gain up to 5 points on instantaneous basis by completing the professional year program. It is there to make sure that the recent graduates get the work exposure and Australian working practices so as to better settle down in the Australian culture and job market.


Skilled Employment:
Work experience is something that is counted and regarded as an imperative while lodging your PR application. If you have years of relevant work experience that matches your field of study, than you have bright chances that you would acquire the required points in the PR process. Skilled employment experience is counted on the basis of years of experience. The breakdown of the points is as follows if you are lodging your application as an offshore candidate:
1 – 3 years of work experience are counted as 0 points
3 – 5 years of work experience is counted as 5 points.
5 – 8 years is counted as 10 points
8 – 10 years is counted as 15 points.
Therefore, if you are stuck at lower points and want to increase the score, than you should look forward to increasing your work experience.

Study in Regional Australia:
An applicant can achieve 5 points if you meet Australian Study Requirements and have studied, worked and lived in any of the regional Australia’s areas where the population is low like regions in Tasmania where they require human work force and work population in order to fill their employment gap.

Partner skills:
If your partner meet certain age, English language and work experience requirements (suitable skills assessment in a nominated occupation on the same skilled occupation list as you are) than that give you 5 added points in applying for you PR in Australia.

State Nomination:
If a candidate is nominated by a state or territory than that will give you 5 points for your PR application. If you have a skill or your occupation is in the short term of medium term skills occupation list, than you may be eligible for state nomination.

NAATI Interpreter:
If you are a certified NAATI interpreter than that will boost your overall PR points by 5 points. It is also to be noted that NAATI certification can be in either of your local language.

This was a detailed analysis of the budget 2018 and its implications. Applicants, current or prospective must seek professional help in due course to get the best possible outcome to further expand their career.
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