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BlogStudy Hospitality & Tourism – Hospitality Industry witnesses boom in Australia

September 8, 2018by Vision Consultants

Each year thousands of students make Australia their home in hopes to settle in this multicultural and diverse society. Australia not only offers world class education and top research institutes of the world, but also, it is home to some of the most beautiful scenic environments, picturesque landscapes and above all has a job market that offers excellent employability skills to majority of its inhabitants from various walks of life.

Many students who pursue to study in Australia enter the country to find better job prospects and above all, secure a better future for themselves and their families. Therefore, they actively look for ways by which they can increase their employability and above all, at the end score high on the points tested scheme of immigration. In order to get closer to their dreams, it is advisable to them to pursue for a degree in those fields which have a high demand in the job market.

Talking of which, a degree in tourism and hospitality is often in demand in Australia. In addition to a degree in tourism and hospitality, degrees in business and management (accounting) and IT fields are also of higher value. Degree program in hospitality quips students not only with the theoretical practices and learning of the field but also provides additional practical skills that are essentially needed in order to make a mark in the field and be able to land a job.

There are various courses offered in the tourism and hospitality industry including:

    • Hospitality Management: In this degree course, students are taught about the consumer behavior patterns, how to look for new customers and how to appease to their needs. Understanding the human psychology and how to deal with clients as mostly you will be working in direct contact with your clients.


    • Tourism & Hospitality: This job entails the students to equip them with the needs and demands of tourists and customers who are mostly travelers. They mostly work in hotel environment so they taught on the lines of discharging valuable and satisfactory services to clients, accommodation management, looking after service of food and beverage and ensuring that all their needs and demands are heard of. This job is of high significance and also renders good salary along with rapid growth.


  • Airport Hospitality: It involves jobs in airport including taking reservations,, airport management, front desk management and similar sort of hospitality airport functions.

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