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BlogImportant Facts and Requirements about the Partner visa

Partner Visa Requirements & facts

You might be wondering if there are unusual facts about the partner visa requirements 309/100. Yes, there are, besides the facts an application must speak itself as evident as your relationship is. Here we will share some of the facts that most of you may have overlooked or not know.


Entitlement for Medicare Cover

Since after lodging the partner visa requirements application you are authorized for Medicare Cover. This entitlement has no conditions and applicable to all partner visa applicants, it is irrespective of whether your country is in healthcare accords with Australia.


This is most beneficial when you are planning for family and need regular appointments and also waiting to process your application i.e. 18 to 24 months. It can save your money during this situation and reduce the substantial cost of hospitals. Even if you are lodging partner visa application offshore, and apply for a visit visa during the process, you will still be entitled to Medicare cover.


For instance, if you lodged a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300), and your partner is while expecting visits to Australia and goes under the maternity services. When the child is born in Australia, all these services will be fully covered by Medicare cover.


Avoiding a visa refusal

The department has all the right to spy on all the information you provide in support of your application, you can say that they are snoops!!!


It is their responsibility to maintain the standard of the department and encourage only genuine applicants. Because the genuine applications get overlooked sometimes and the couples in a true relationship just suffer the stress and application process again.

Partner visa - important facts & requirements

They are smart and see the things on the microscopic level, even if you change your relationship status for any reason on your social accounts that would also be countable including dates. So here you need to make your accounts reflecting your real relationship status. Also if you haven’t considered updating your accounts after engagements or relationships, then you must update it after or before applying for a partner visa.

The Department of Home Affairs will closely look at your social media accounts so make sure you avoid such an issue.

Apart from this, the DHA will also inspect any joint or single bank account statements. You cannot pretend a joint account to credit amount for rental and utility bills, because your individual account statements can present different stories conflicting to the joint account scenarios. For example, if one of the partners is using accounts in Melbourne and the other one has transactions in Sydney. It will be questionable that must have a logical explanation. However if your partner is a frequent traveler to other cities, and this can be the reason that you are away from him/her.


Besides this, there may be many other intricacies about your case that your case officer might notice. Therefore to avoid any risks and issues you can avail professional migration services from Vision Consultants Australia. They can guide you completely before, during, and after the process.


Uncertainty or end of relationship during 820/801 process


The partner visa processing takes almost 2 years for a decision, this is certainly a long duration and waiting time, but relationships cannot be too certain. There may be a time when the relationships can be ended or break up and marriages can be broken. Any unforeseen circumstances can lead to the heartrending conditions.

Nevertheless if any such conditions, your application will still be under consideration and you might have a chance of visa approval.

  1. In the event of the death of your sponsorship partner OR
  2. You or any of the family member of your partner’s family underwent violence by your sponsorship partner OR
  3. Your sponsorship partner and you have shared custody of a child

In the case of the second and third conditions, you will be required to have concrete evidence and your case must be crystal clear without any loopholes.


Write a Relationship statement

Although the department does not conduct interviews from couples, once in a blue moon!!! You must be prepared to be a reasonable and genuine applicant during any rare interview call.

Besides this formality, every applicant must provide a relationship statement that defines your relationship history, including a complete timeline from the day your relationship started, you first met to your partner till the official announcement, celebrations, and arrangements of your relationship. Also your shared responsibilities with your partner including any financials and households.

Do not worry!!! You just have to define your formal love story and prove yourself as a genuine applicant, your social media interaction and communication records play a significant part in this part.

For your convenience, we are defining the guidelines to write a comprehensive relationship statement.

partner visa update - partner visa requirements

@Viscount_Wombat NZ pathways are pretty specific, and there’s two general approaches. Can’t get a partner visa, PR,…

Guidelines to write a Relationship statement

Consider the below points while you write it down along with your partner or alone:


The beginning of the relationship

 The date you first interacted to each other (any online or any introductory interaction)

  • The date, location or place you first met (in-person meeting)
  • The development of a relationship
  • The dates you made your relationship official or start living in together


Financial situation

  • How much financial responsibilities you share together
  • The working situation for both of you
  • Your individual or joint bank accounts
  • Any shared financial liabilities like credit cards, mortgages, or loans.
  • Sharing of utility bills and rental cost


Routine and household

  • Mention all addresses whether you shared together or lived without your partner for any period of time.
  • If any of you is responsible for cooking
  • If any of you is responsible for Grocery shopping and other household stuff like cleaning, Washing gardening, or outsourcing for all these things.
  • Explain your household routine


Your Social life and hangouts

  • How you socialize
  • Any mutual interests like you play sports and any mutual memberships from a gymnasium
  • Any parties you throw as a host couple
  • Any adventurous activities
  • Any leisure visits or traveling activities
  • How much of your relatives or friends know about you as a couple.
  • Any fancy dinners you go out together
  • Any events in your family or friends that you have attended as a couple.
  • Any other leisure activities like movies or festivity that you enjoy together.


Any Commitments 

  • How you see and plan your life
  • Any time you spent away from your partner and how it went through and if you contacted in that duration by any means.
  • How well you support each other emotionally
  • Being away from your partner, how you suffer or feel, and how does your partner feel to be away from family.
  • If you faced any hard times financially together or any events of extreme happenings like deaths or illness.


Future planning Development of relationship

  • Any future plans
  • If you plan to integrate your family
  • If you are planning a family
  • if you plan to buy your own property/home
  • Any future trips you plan
  • If you plan to change your place
  • Any retirement plans


As a significant part of your visa application, this statement requires your complete attention and time, so start as early as possible so that you cover each and every part about your life. Include any other detail that you might think is necessary and evident in your relationship.


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