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BlogPakistan is now on Assessment Level 2 (Low Risk Level) – What it implies for you?

March 28, 2019by Vision Consultants

Australia has now for years been the dream destination of international students from all around the world. International students enter Australia looking forward for a better life and future ahead that this country offers. It offers great employment opportunities, scenic views, friendly people and welcoming society that is truly multi-cultural. Many of the international students have somehow been able to fulfil their dreams and enter the land of opportunities but on the other hand, there have been some laws and restrictions that are not necessarily in control of the students themselves but they depend upon the international relations and vary from country to country depending upon their social, economic, political and security status.

But now there have been great news for students with Pakistani origin that now Pakistan is in the list of Assessment Level (AL) – 2among countries in Australians student visa. It surely contains a lot of benefits for students from Pakistan who are striving to make it big in Australia. For the past several years, Pakistan had been on the Assessment Level 3, which meant added restrictions based upon the financial status and English language requirements.

As Pakistan is now on level 2, therefore Pakistani students English & Funds requirement can be waived if principle course is from Level 2 and above educational providers. Student Visa now AL-2 (Low Risk Level). Which means student applying to level 2 universities benefiting from low/waived Financial & English language requirements.

Immigration authorities look at two important factors when determining the requirements that are needed to process a student’s visa. One is the Country Risk Level, the other is the Risk Level of the Provider. This is called the Simplified Student Visa Framework. Both countries and education providers are given a level from 1-3 to determine their Immigration risk, 1 having the least risk, 3 having the most.

If the total combined level of your education provider and country totals 4 or lower, your application will be streamlined. If it is higher, you have to go through the regular application process. Applications that are streamlined have fewer documentary requirements than regular applications. They are not required to show Evidence of Financial Capacity nor Evidence of English language ability.

Notching a higher Assessment Level among the list of countries is a very welcoming stance for Pakistan and countries that climb higher up have fewer restrictions and students enjoy major befits that range from high visa success ration, lessen security checks, lower English language requirements and also low/waived financial requirements along with low less processing times.

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