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BlogLooking to Apply for Australian Partner Visa? Read the Necessary Requirements

November 23, 2018by Vision Consultants

Re-uniting with your loved ones is surely a surreal experience. Each year hundreds of international students and temporary workers sponsor their spouses/partners to join them in Australia. But on the other hand it should also be noted here that one had to fulfil certain obligations as set out by the Department of Home Affairs.


  • Partners should be living together:


The Department of Home Affairs has set out the marriage/civil law partnership has to be one year relationship. However, this year requirement does not mean that the partners have to stay together for the period of whole year. However, the couple has to prove that they have been in a de facto relationship for the said amount of time.


  • Proof of De-Facto relationship:


The partners will have to the Australian authorities the history of their relationship in any concrete manner. Additionally they will have to provide a signed relationship statement that will provide the authorities with all the important details. The said statement should mention the details of your relationship with your partner including the longevity of the relationships. Also proof of commitment is also required from the partners including that of emotionally, financially and physically.

These may be discussed in detail in the following pointers below:


  • Financial proof of your relationship:


The de facto couple would have to show enough proof of their relationship and also have to show financial proof. This can be in the form of bank joint account, government securities in the name of your partner, history of continuous transactions, utility bills, sharing expenses in the expenses head of you and your partner.


  • The social evidence of your relationship:


The couple will also have to proof the social content of their relationship and the evidence that they have been in a relationship/marriage for the said period of time. You may be asked about photos, travel documents and evidence from your family and friends.


  • Commitment to the relationship:


The de facto partner or husband and wife will also have to prove the commitment that they would be willing to carry on with their relationship, declaration of intent to have a long term relationship etc.

It is very important that the said couple will have to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs in all manners before they be granted partner visa and in this instance, assistance form competent consultancy can benefit a great deal. In order to further gain assistance if you want free one-on-one consultations, Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia can provide expert education and migration consultancy and visa services. Our team of MARA registered agents is always there to guide you.

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