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BlogAre you falling short of points for PR? Top 5 ways you can increase your PR score!

Working and settling down ultimately in Australia can surely be regarded as the dream come true for countless of international students, temporary workers and others who are striving to make it big! Are you really struggling with your PR points ? Wanna know how to increase PR score?  Well this article is for  you if you want to increase PR points ? and if you surely are such a soul who is either studying in Australia, working on a temporary graduate visa or a temporary worker who has been employed by the sponsor on TSS visa, then we at Vision Consultants are there to assist you in realizing your dream!

Keeping in view the current sky rocketing trends in skill select draw cut-offs and especially those for accountants, let us be mindful to you that we have charted out various ways by which you can increase PR points for your residency pathway. Isn’t it great that all the options listed down for you at one place, pretty exciting than read through the rest. In such scenario, it is imperative for an applicant to look for ways in which they can boost their PR points like;

English Language Skills (IELTS/PTE):

Great weightage is given to English language in the overall PR process. It is because of the reason that those having competent English language skills find it relatively easy to settle in Australia and there are no language barriers.

Professional year:

Some of our reader might have heard about the professional year. It is a one year program that is taken up by students who have graduated recently in their respective fields. These fields include engineering, IT and accounting. So students and graduates who enroll and complete a professional year may gain up to 5 PR points on an instantaneous basis by completing the professional year program. It is there to make sure that the recent graduates get the work exposure and Australian working practices so as to better settle down in the Australian culture and job market. 

Skilled Employment:

Work experience is something that is counted and regarded as imperative while lodging your PR application. If you have years of relevant work experience that matches your field of study than you have bright chances that you would acquire the required points in the PR process. Skilled employment experience is counted on the basis of years of experience. 

Study in Regional Australia:

Yes! Now you can claim for those additional points as charted out for study in regional Australia if you meet Australian Study Requirements and have studied, worked and lived in any regional Australia’s areas where the population is low like regions in Tasmania where they require human workforce and work population in order to fill their employment gap. 

NAATI: If you are a certified NAATI interpreter than that will boost your overall PR points by 5 points. It is also to be noted that NAATI certification can be in either of your local language.

Partner skills:
If your partner meet certain age, English language and work experience requirements (suitable skills assessment in a nominated occupation on the same skilled occupation list as you are) than that give you added points in applying for your PR in Australia. Also according to the new framework, if you are either single or your partner has highest qualification that you ought to get additional marks!

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