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BlogBoost Extra Migration Points with NAATI and PY

November 29, 2017by Vision Consultants

As you all know that a points-based test applies to Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), but do you know how to get 5 or 10 bonus points to smooth your migration pathway?
Here we go! Start your points accumulation by taking NAATI and PY! Easy and useful for both your migration success and career development!


NAATI, as you all know, is a standards organisation responsible for setting,maintaining and promoting high professional standards that issues accreditations for practitioners who wish to work as translators and interpreters in Australia. Getting NAATI accreditation not only means your translation or interpretation capability but also allows you can earn 5 migration points, under the category of Credentialed community language qualifications.

Passing a NAATI exam is not an easy thing with only 10%-20% passing rate, thus many students have to sit in the exams for several times to succeed and some can never pass this.

However, enrolling to NAATI-Approved Australia Course offered by approved university/institution, provides sufficient training and professional approach to ensure candidate have confidence and capability to achieve satisfactory result in translation or interpreting exams. This is so-called the internal exam, which has higher passing rate, helping students to obtain NAATI accreditation.

By completing the internal NAATI-Approved Australia Course and passing the internal exams offered by NAATI-Approved universities or institutions, successful students can obtain an accreditation and earn 5 bonus points under Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points.

The latest update is that students who enrolled in a NAATI course by end of December 2017 are eligible for internal test, but in 2018 the current NAATI accreditation and testing system will be replaced with a new certification system. It means that student enrolled from January 2018, they will need to take NAATI public exam.

Come and apply with us to catch the last train to NAATI-Approved course. It is still not too late to make an action! Catch the 5 points and make your migration path easier. Vision is always with you to help you to customise your NAATI course plan.


Professional Year program is designed for helping international student to begin their career path smoothly and become a skilled and capable talent that Australia needs. If you just graduated from a university with a valuable Australian degree, you should think about your next step. Professional Year program is probably a good option for
you to not only gain the 5 points but also start your Australian workforce adventure.

Basically, Professional Year consists of 10-monthcareer- related courses (including 3-month internship), helping students to get necessary practical skills as well as working experience in their field.

This program is only available for graduates majoring in Information Technology, Accounting or Engineering areas.

There are some benefits we need to mention here.

  • This program aims to make graduates with essential skills in their areas more employable and job ready for the Australian job market.
  • Students are able to get real hands-on internship experience, having the chance to be hired by the host company if they show an unexpected excellent performance.
  • Students can get valuable networking opportunities with experts who are currently in the industry.
  • The last but not the least, it gives you an additional 5 points which assists towards permanent residency!

Why we say that Professional Year program is an easy way to get 5 points? For accounting students who find it hard to get score 7 in each band of Academic IELTS or equivalent, Professional Year program is a good alternative which can help to meet requirements for skills assessment. For IT student, instead of getting 12-month working experience, they can simply take the program to satisfy skill assessment requirement or replace points lost for age.

At Vision, we have abundant PY provides resources which can help you to match the most suitable one! Come and inquire from us, we will provide you with the most professional information to assist you with your Permanent Residency plan!

If you are looking for a suitable and customised solution for change of provider Melbourne migration plan, do not look any further and contact us today! We are happy to assist you with your study, working and migration plan!

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